Ciro Makes Cleaning Bongs a Breeze

I love it when a new product comes along that’s been designed with the core function to make life better, easier and cleaner. A product that makes me say, “Wow, I need that.” The truly revolutionary Ciro bong cleaner is one such item. The first-of-its-kind countertop appliance is the healthiest, most sustainable way to clean your pipes, bongs, grinder and trimming scissors by removing all the sticky resin using sonic waves—and in under 15 minutes without harmful and expensive chemicals.

Derivative of the Latin word for circle, the Ciro glass cleaner is the brainchild of two Emerald Triangle-based women, Laura Costa and Cara Cordoni.

“The Ciro comes from the heart of Humboldt County,” Costa says. “In addition to being great farmers, we’re also engineers, architects and artists.”

The Ciro cleans glassware and accessories in minutes.

How the Ciro Works

By harnessing industrial ultrasonic cleaning technology, the Ciro cleans the dirtiest bongs, pipes and other cannabis accessories and apparatus such as scissors and metal grinders. And it does so without using any nasty chemicals in a few minutes.

According to Costa, the sonic energy creates “cavitation,” tiny bubbles that explode against the resin, blasting it off the surface material and eliminating the need for solvents or other chemicals. 

The device is unique because the product’s design doesn’t require the bong to be submerged. Instead, it only needs to be filled with water. The Ciro’s six-inch base fits most bongs and if you want to clean dirty pipes, grinders or other accessories, simply pop them in a glass of water and place it in the Ciro. Adding a few drops of biodegradable dishwashing liquid emulsifies the resin, making for easy cleanup.

“The cannabis industry is loaded with waste,” Costa says. “One Ciro is about the same cost as about a dozen bottles of cleaner that you’ll never have to buy again. We’re very proud that we created something that eliminates a lot of single-use plastic and toxic chemicals from the environment.”

Ciro Bong Cleaner
The Ciro uses ultrasonic waves to create tiny bubbles that blast even the toughest resin off the glass.

The Benefits

The Full Flavor: Getting the full taste of the terpene profiles is one of the highlights of smoking cannabis. If you’re using a dirty bong containing stagnant bong water, you’re doing yourself and the flower a disservice. “You wouldn’t drink wine from a dirty glass,” Cordoni says. “So why would you smoke weed from a dirty bong?”

Reduced Respiratory Risks: Smoking out of dirty bongs and pipes isn’t just bad for the taste of your flower; it potentially poses health risks, too. Gross stagnant bong water is a haven for bacteria and other microbes that latch onto the gas and resin found inside your bong. Resin-encrusted bongs are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and pathogens. Smoking with them can lead to illnesses like strep throat and pneumonia.

Easy Cleanup: Cleaning bongs can be complicated and time-consuming, not to mention damn near impossible if you have dexterity issues. The sleek hands-free design of the Ciro makes it super easy to use, especially for patients and disabled users who often struggle to maintain the level of cleanliness that they deserve with traditional methods.

Environmentally Conscious Engineering: As well as eliminating toxic chemicals and reducing the need for single-use plastic, the Ciro is also engineered for performance and durability and includes a lifetime warranty. Costa and Cordoni developed a circular business model that will repair or reclaim products at end-of-life.

Ciro Bong Cleaner
Ciro founders Cara Cordoni (L) and Laura Costa (R).

Necessity and Innovation

The Ciro was born out of a two-fold need: a way to clean cannabis smoking apparatus and support her family as they worked through farming bureaucracy, Costa says.

“Many small farmers in the Emerald Triangle didn’t make it through the oppressive red tape and permitting costs of legalization after Prop 64,” Costa says. “Many farmers and their families had to pivot and find other ways to provide for their families.”

Costa is a skilled electrical engineer who spent part of her 20s rewiring airports in the South Pacific. She’s married to a legacy farmer and has spent years overseeing trim crews, tinkering with inventive ways to clean resinous apparatus. Costa built the first Ciro prototype using a thrift store cake pan as Exhibit A to her resourcefulness.

Cordoni is a San Francisco native and accomplished business builder, managing and coaching teams at various Fortune 500 companies and cannabis startups. Her passion for nurturing cradle-to-cradle product development extends into developing profitable businesses that prioritize protecting people and the environment.

“We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished with Ciro,” Costa says. “We have the potential to provide a less wasteful and healthier cleaning and consumption experience for the cannabis community.”

Ciro has launched for pre-sale on Indiegogo. A pledge of $185 reserves one Ciro + accessories at 26% off the retail price of $250. Multiple packs are available for dispensaries at a more generous discount. To see Ciro in action, or to pre-purchase a unit, visit @ciro_humboldt.

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How to Get the Best Toke? Clean Your Bong with SnowTree

Did you know that if you don’t clean a dog’s water bowl every day, an unhealthy slime called biofilm starts to grow and can make your dog sick?

What does this have to do with bongs and toking? Welp, that stagnant water that you blow off instead of cleaning it out can make you really, really sick.

SnowTree’s Magnetic Bong Cleaner was invented to make your bong look “store display” perfect while cleaning out those gross microbes. If you’re trying to impress someone, whipping out a filthy looking bong isn’t going to do the trick. “Many events, social gatherings and shared experiences now include cannabis, and just like you would never serve a guest dirty dishes or glasses, the cleanliness of the bong and pipes also reflect on the host,“ says Joe Moller, owner of Joe Moller Events, a boutique events company in Los Angeles

Courtesy of @710cinema

Why You Need a Bong Cleaner

“What may be living in that bong may be the biggest reason to clean it,” says Bryan Gerber, co-founder of Bongs aren’t like regular glassware, which you can lightly wash, rinse and it’s good to go. Weed, heat, and water combine to make a good smoke, but they leave something behind, and that’s called biofilm.

Biofilms are a slimy (usually clear) group of microbes that create a film that coats anything from teeth, to pond scum, to pet bowls, to bongs. Their favorite place to grow is stagnant water, and guess what’s in the bottom of your bong if you don’t clean it every day—stagnant water.

According to a brief published by the Montana State Center for Biofilm Research, “In the 1990s, as the biofilm concept was being introduced to the medical community, doctors began to make the connection between chronic, low-grade infections and the biofilm mode of growth.” This means that old bong water can make you sick. How old is old bong water? Any water that’s been sitting in your bong for 24 hours is old. A bong cleaner not only makes your bong look good, but it also protects your health.

Get into the habit of cleaning your bong once a day. A good bong cleaner kit will take care of nasty bacteria before it builds up and makes your bong ready for the next time you want to sit down and partake. 

SnowTree: A Bong Cleaner Above the Rest

Okay, you’ve made the decision to clean your bong every day—now what? Yeah, you could use the basic vinegar-and-water rinse, or another home remedy, but do they really work? Truth is, you want a bong cleaner that’s fast, efficient, made with innovative technology, and leaves no biofilm behind. What you want is SnowTree’s Magnetic Bong Cleaner.

Courtesy of @710cinema

SnowTree’s Magnetic Bong Cleaner is the Bong Cleaner of the Future

What the heck is SnowTree’s Magnetic Bong Cleaner? It’s like nothing else on the market when it comes to bong care and cleaning. The secret is the powerful magnets that connect a cleaning component inside and a handle outside of the glass, allowing for a tight bond between the two elements.

That tight bond is what will inevitably wipe the biofilm away. Even 99 percent isopropyl alcohol will not fully get rid of biofilm if your water has sat stagnant for a number of days, but SnowTree’s Magnetic Bong Cleaner’s tight bond to your glass will. 

While on hiatus from his full time-job, Eli Schneebaum and his business partner, Dan Muscato, conceived this bong cleaner during the pandemic. Inspired by a gizmo that cleaned his dad’s fish tank, Schneebaum began experimenting with the initial design and production in his living room. Using the latest 3D printers, SnowTree’s business grew to seven printers cranking out the bong cleaners 24/7 to try and keep up with the demand.  

“People instantly loved this magnetic cleaner,” stated Schneebaum. Within a few short months, he and Muscato saw SnowTree’s Instagram account grow to almost 70,000 followers. SnowTree’s demonstration videos on TikTok received millions of views as well.

Schneebaum believes the popularity of SnowTree’s Magnetic Bong Cleaner stems from its highly effective, user-friendly design. It makes daily cleaning fast and easy, preventing tough resins from taking shape and harmful bacteria from forming. Beyond the obvious health benefits, experts agree that the taste, smell and enjoyment of smoking cannabis is always better when you use a clean bong. 

Whether you are a casual smoker or everyday enthusiast, SnowTree’s Magnetic Bong Cleaner can make every puff more enjoyable. Customers rave about how fun and satisfying it is to use. As Schneebaum and Muscato like to say, a clean bong is a happy bong. 

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