Put Down the Tobacco—We Have Surpassed the Need for Spliffs

If you don’t mix tobacco in your weed and none of your friends mix tobacco in their weed, right on, you’re killing it, this one isn’t for you. 

The way we smoke weed has gone through some pretty rapid changes over the past few decades—dabs, pre-rolls, vape pens, and plenty of USB-C charged devices that will instantly vaporize your favorite flower or concentrate. So why are you still mixing tobacco into your joints?

Weed is too good to fuck up with a heavy sprinkle of American Spirit and you’re lying to yourself with every attempt to justify the outdated blend. It’s time to move beyond spliffs. 

People have been smoking spliffs—joints rolled with a mix of cannabis and tobacco—since the first documented instance of weed being rolled in Guadalajara, Mexico circa 1856. The tradition continued across the globe, with hash frequently mixed with tobacco and rolled for easy consumption. These days, spliffs are still popular across the U.S. Sure, it’s more prevalent in some places than others, but I know heavy stoners from New York to L.A. and plenty in between who keep a pack of cigs or pouch of loose leaf in their smoking kits at all times.

Times change though, and as we barrel headfirst into 2023, the excuses left for spliffing your weed are growing thinner than a king size rice paper. 

The most common reason I get when I ask people why they still add tobacco to their weed is that it “burns better,” and to that, I say this: learn how to roll better joints. If your joints are burning unevenly without tobacco, that’s a you problem, not a weed problem. Try packing it a little tighter, try pulling on it a little lighter, roll practice joints over and over until your fingers turn green and every single one looks, lights, and burns perfectly—it will be worth it, I promise. 

Next, spliff smokers will say that tobacco helps save them weed and therefore money. But weed is cheaper than it’s ever been and only getting cheaper while tobacco is only getting more expensive, with many cities and states adding higher and higher taxes for cigarettes and loose leaf. It might make some slight economic sense, but unless you’re spliffing top-shelf flower (we’ll get to that) you can probably afford to roll without tobacco; try buying shake or pre-ground weed if you need to make your bag stretch. If you’re really looking to make your favorite strain last, mix in some shake or mids with your exotics—just think of it as spliffing your joint with more weed.

What about the argument that adding tobacco to your weed gets you higher? First, I don’t believe that smoking less of the plant that does get you high and replacing it with the plant that doesn’t get you high will result in you getting higher. You know what will definitely get you higher? More weed. Don’t trust my back of the napkin math? Here’s a peer-reviewed study that says the same thing. 

Funny enough, I have also heard the opposite explanation, that weed alone is simply too intoxicating, and that tobacco helps to ease the effects. In that instance, I simply recommend smoking less weed.

Most importantly though, stop spliffing your weed because it completely changes the flavor of your flower. 

Decades of arduous, focused, illegal cannabis breeding have created a plant that is potent and flavorful with a constantly evolving menu of unique varieties. Tobacco and weed mixed just fine in the flavorless days of brick weed and densely packed black hash, but the way weed smells, tastes, and smokes in 2023? It’s a thing of art. Why dilute that experience?

I have slightly more patience for blunts, mainly because they do not disguise the presence of tobacco like a spliff does, and because they don’t ruin the flavor of the weed quite as much, but at the end of the day, sacrificing any amount of terp profile for the sake of a nicotine buzz is still kind of a bummer in my book. 

I’m not here to judge your tobacco consumption, smoke 10 cigarettes right before we smoke a joint and another half a pack after, all good, I’m just here to defend weed. 

You might need tobacco, but weed doesn’t. 

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Al Capone is the Go-To Option for a Pleasant Roll

We’re talking about the company behind the 100% tobacco leaf wraps. Al Capone is a go-to option for a pleasant roll. Ask any clerk at a store what they think about Al Capone, what their customers think of the brand, and you’ll hear a similar sentiment. 

The company is simply reliable. Al Capone first sold premium cigarillos in 1996. In the time since then, the company has become one of the most popular and recommended stateside when it comes to good ‘ol-fashioned natural tobacco leaf and hand-rolled craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship is a fitting word for Al Capone’s Wrap, which was gifted to recreational smokers six years ago. There’s a real sense of pride and care put into these wraps. You can feel it when you roll it, wrap it, smoke it, and handle it. Al Capone’s process ensures these wraps do not disappoint. 

They are always handpicked with their flavors and nutrients preserved in the process. Al Capone keeps a careful eye on these leaf wraps’ growth, all the way until they’re sealed in trusty protective pouches. There’s no rush or hastiness in the development. For Al Capone, slow is smooth and smooth is fast. 

The price is cheap, but the product is not. That’s an important distinction, and when it comes to tobacco leaf wraps, it’s a difficult combination to sometimes find. Usually, you pay for what you get. In the case of Al Capone, you get more than what you pay for every time. It’s a $2 wrap that, with the right and flavorful bud, provides a priceless experience. 

The company walks a fine line but succeeds with their flavors, Original, Cognac, and Rum. Whether anyone wants to add a little flavor to their bud is, of course, a personal choice. Personally, I usually don’t. Good flower is good flower. Having said that, these flavors only add a nice little and enjoyable kick. 

Courtesy of Al Capone

If a smoker wants no flavor or just the sweet smell and taste of pure tobacco, there’s the original, but the Cognac and especially the Rum have a subtle tastiness and smell to them. They do not overwhelm the taste and flavor of the flower. They are especially friendly to the taste buds. There’s no artificial sweetness or off-putting chemicals, just natural tobacco and earthiness. Smell is important, and these blunts smell good. 

These leaf wraps burn nice, slow, and evenly as well. They are ideal for patient smokers, people who just want to kick back, unwind and enjoy their bud with an air of leisureness and satisfying flavor. They burn just right, too. It’s always even. There’s no inconsistency there. On top of that, there’s the strong self-adhesive strip. They do not fail. They’re almost comically sticky, so you can count on these wraps to not fall apart. They’re light in touch and handling, but they’re also strong and robust in texture and practicality. 

These wraps can handle a lot of flower. They’re flexible and stretchy, plus come without any thick veins. Whether someone wants a fat or skinny roll or something in the middle, these wraps handle varying amounts. It’s such a clean and easy roll every time, too. Even the novice rollers will have no trouble with Al Capone’s leaf wraps. The wraps literally come with instructions for new smokers (welcome to the party).

Most importantly, these leaf wraps aren’t a harsh smoking experience. They’re smooth in every sense of the word. Again, nice and easy is ideal, and Al Capone knows that. They don’t hit too hard but they don’t hit too lightly, either. The Al Capone Leaf Wraps just provide relaxing smoke sessions. 

Courtesy of Al Capone

These leaf wraps are made through a complex process of farming, but the end result is simple. There’s a refreshing simplicity to Al Capone. You know what you’re getting. The brand is called Al Capone for a reason. They see themselves, understandably, at the top of the hill when it comes to their products. A lot of smokers would tell you they’re not wrong in their confidence. 

When you walk into a smoke shop, do what I do and ask what the clerk behind the counter thinks of Al Capone. You’ll more than likely hear a well-deserved endorsement. The brand has built a reputation defined by reliability and practicality from its early beginnings. They have long been committed, first and foremost, to quality. Now, after more consumer demand for 100% natural tobacco leaf wraps, Al Capone’s wraps are here to satisfy any type of smokers’ needs. 

Follow Al Capone on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Smoking Spliffs: An American’s Perspective 

Although it’s the least health-conscious way to consume cannabis, my preferred method is by rolling up a good old fashioned blunt. Aside from the fun of actually rolling the blunt (it’s an activity in and of itself), I’ve always enjoyed the way I feel after smoking one. I always assumed that it was because I was smoking a relatively large amount of weed in one sitting (which obviously is one of the primary reasons for the effects), but lately, I’ve been realizing that it also has a lot to do with the addition of tobacco.  

Worldwide, blended blunts and joints are much more common than ones rolled with only weed. As a matter of fact, Americans are some of the only people in the world who don’t smoke spliffs; in other countries, the practice is viewed as strange and wasteful. Although it hasn’t caught on here yet, their global acclaim means something could be said for why so many cannabis users enjoy mixing a little bit of tobacco with their pot. Let’s take a closer look.  

Tobacco 101: History, effects, and modern-day use 

Tobacco has been used for thousands of years. The first documented use is from over 8,000 years ago, but it’s possible that it was used before that even. Tobacco cultivation likely started in Central Mexico around 5,000 BC; however, it was likely grown in many areas from there between what is now the Southwestern US in that time period. It was originally used by Native Americans as both a religious sacrament and medicinal product. 

Tobacco dry leaf and tobacco green leaf on a background of processed tobacco

When Christopher Columbus arrived in America in the late 1400s, he was gifted tobacco by the local Natives. When he went back to Spain a year later, he took the tobacco with him where it saw a swift and almost immediate surge in popularity. Over the next couple hundred years, tobacco continued to become more widely used and by the late 17th century, some negative health effects of smoking it regularly were coming to light.  

In 1632, Massachusetts became the first state to pass legislation making it illegal to smoke in public. A few other states followed suit, but that wasn’t enough to stop the flourishing tobacco industry (as we can clearly see). Fast forward to the 1900s, and tobacco cigarettes were practically a household product. In 1901, 3.5 billion cigarettes were sold in the United States alone. That number surged to 398.3 billion by 2001, but thanks to campaigns highlighting the dangers of smoking, sales declined by roughly 45 percent to 203.7 billion in 2020.  

It’s worth noting that the cigarettes smoked today are worlds away from the natural, rolled tobacco that was consumed centuries ago. Over the last several decades new and increasingly harmful ingredients have been added to standard cigarettes, and the tobacco industry has ramped up their marketing strategies to target younger populations.  

The origin of the spliff 

Although technically, a spliff is any type of blended smoke, the term is typically used to denote a mix of cannabis and tobacco. The world itself comes from Jamaica (like the blunt), and as Jamaican immigrants started to settle in the United Kingdom, the use of spliffs began to take hold throughout the UK and eventually, the rest of Europe.  

Over time, as people traversed the world and moved across continents, they brought the “spliff” with them and it soon became of the preferred methods of smoking weed in many different countries spanning several continents. 

It’s hard to say why the trend never caught on in the United States… or maybe it did at one point but eventually fizzled out? But even old-time stoners I’ve talked to who were smoking in the 60s and 70s say that they did NOT smoke spliffs. Even so, it is still the way many people choose to toke up across the pond, despite the fact that tobacco has been getting some bad press over the last couple decades.  

From blunts to spliffs 

Again, I’m a blunt smoker. When I want a somewhat cleaner experience, I use a bong or I vape concentrates. But if it’s up to me, I’m usually voting for a nice fatty. Because I’ve been smoking blunts for well over a decade, I’ve had the pleasure of trying many, many, different blunt wraps. That includes many alternative wraps that have no tobacco in them, such as hemp or palm leaves, but for some reason, I prefer tobacco (specifically, swishers and backwoods).  

Having said that, the transition from blunts to splits was really easy. At first it sounded weird to mix tobacco with my precious weed but then I realized I had essentially already been smoking “spliffs” the entire time. Since the blunt wrap is already made of tobacco, it’s not a far stretch to add just a little bit of extra tobacco to the mix to fluff it up a bit.  

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You can use any mix you want, but lately, when I choose to roll a spliff, I’ve been doing a roughly 30/70 mixture, with 30 percent tobacco and 70 percent weed. Since I smoke good weed with very bold and noticeable flavor profiles, it dominates and I can honestly hardly taste a difference when I roll a bit of loose tobacco into my already tobacco-wrapped blunt.  

Saving weed and money

The main reason I started rolling spliffs lately is simply to save weed. Life is expensive and sometimes you need to cut costs wherever you can. I’d prefer not to write weed out of my budget entirely, and it’s not that cheap in Indiana, so the only workaround is to make it last as long as possible.  

I mean, think about it. If you’re somewhere that cannabis is still illegal, you’re paying upwards of $200 per ounce. Not saying the money could be better spent elsewhere because I personally feel like pot is worth it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t wise to minimize your drug spending in any way possible. When a bag of loose tobacco is selling at $1-3 per ounce, you can start to see why it makes such a perfect filler, from an economical standpoint at least.  

And I personally didn’t notice very much difference in effects either. Maybe a slightly more heady, energetic buzz, but since I’m already used to smoking tobacco in my blunts, and the mixture I used was more than half weed, the experience was pretty much no different than smoking a regular blunt. So I save weed and money while maintaining the flavor and integrity of the smoke, it’s a win-win in my book. 

Final thoughts  

Just to clarify, I’m not advocating for smoking tobacco regularly because it is unhealthy. But in reality, smoking weed (or anything for that matter) and inhaling said smoke into your lungs, is also unhealthy. But most people who smoke are already aware of this, so if it’s a risk you’re willing to take, mixing tobacco with your weed can be a great way to make your weed last longer and even change up the high a little if that’s what you’re going for.  

Do you smoke spliffs? Do you prefer them over regular joints and blunts? Let us know what you think by dropping us a line in the comment section below, we love to hear from our readers! 

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Hemp Wraps Are NOT Blunts

Brands, stop lying to cannabis consumers.

Adam: As a cannabis consumer for over two decades I’ve seen many marketing ploys to attract customers to buy products. From catchy trendy names to fancy colorful packaging, I’ve seen it all. But what really irks me are the liars. Lying to a customer for a buck is the lowest of lows. Which brings me to the pre-roll section of your favorite shop. Hemp Wraps are NOT Blunts.

Jon: For those uninformed, Blunts are a consumer favorite way to smoke. It’s basically a big joint wrapped in a tobacco leaf – be it a Dutch Master, Backwood, Brothers Broadleaf, or Grabba. Not only does tobacco provide an additional head high (especially to those not usually smoking tobacco), but blunts are typically much bigger than your average joint. For a heavy consumer it’s become a preference, and they’re great for group smoking.

A: I’m not sure if people still use a dictionary or know what one is. A dictionary is a book of reference that we used to use to look up the definition of a word. What words mean. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of a blunt is: “a hollowed-out cigar filled with marijuana.” A cigar is, according to the dictionary: “a small roll of tobacco leaf for smoking.” Where is hemp in all of this? Exactly. Hemp wraps are not blunts. Hemp wraps are hemp wraps. You don’t call joints blunts and you don’t call blunts joints. So why do they call hemp wraps blunts? Buzzwords. People are attracted to trending terms.

J: To be fair, hemp wraps are filling a need on the rec market because due to hasty legislation tobacco can not be paired with cannabis in the legal retail environment. That’s right, they legalized while directly writing out a subset of the market. Seems like a common story with the rush to rec. So while it’s a buzzword, it’s also because those brands can’t legally sell blunts in stores. The trap though…

A: Still, Using buzzwords to attract the pre-educated is not right. And the negative stigma blunt smokers get is appalling. From being ridiculed at seshes, getting told that it’s “unhealthy smoke” to “you are wasting weed rolling it in a blunt.” Throughout history and in most cultures cannabis gets mixed with tobacco and/or herbs. Amsterdam coffee shops offer you a free blend of herbs to mix with cannabis. You can smell the spliffs in the air in Barcelona coffee shops, the Middle East mixes it with hash. USA seems to be the only country that frowns on mixing cannabis with other plants. 

J: I think it’s deeper than just cannabis with that though. We know tobacco kills people. I think that’s probably why they wrote the legislation that way. But it does ignore age-old habits. Europeans would never allow this, but the powers that be probably think they’re both protecting consumers and the activists don’t want to be associated with big tobacco – understandably.

A: So why use the term blunt for a “healthier” option? Hemp wrap companies and pre-roll brands need to recognize that they have been lying this whole time and are selling HEMP wraps and not blunts. Here’s an idea, hemp Joints.

J: I don’t know that we can call them joints either though. It’s trying to be a cigar. It’s bigger than your typical joint. Maybe a hemp cannon?

A: According to the dictionary, it defines a joint as “a marijuana cigarette.” Obviously the term marijuana cigarette won’t be accepted by the community even though cigarettes are defined as “a slender roll of cut tobacco enclosed in paper and meant to be smoked; also: a similar roll of another substance (such as marijuana).”

I understand certain words are more appealing than others in terms of marketing and selling but is it right to lie to a consumer and change the definition of what a word means? 

J: While that’s kind of arguing semantics, I do see what you’re saying. Rec consumers are looking to fill the gap left by the tobacco ban in the rec market; they’re just a little overzealous right now. They’re discounting the ‘why’ of blunts to fill the markets needs, but as with the rest of the industry there’s still plenty of room for improvement!

A: As a proud blunt smoker who enjoys the mixing of the masculine energy of the tobacco plant with the feminine energy of the cannabis plant, I do not appreciate culture vultures and other brands using the term blunt for there midsy-ass pre-rolls. 

J: You’re on the money there. I’d go so far as to say MOST of the available pre-rolls on the market aren’t coming close to providing the optimal experience – this is a lot of times just creating a bigger mess with excess cuttings they’re desperate to monetize.

A: All I’m saying is the next time someone offers you a hit of a blunt make sure it’s a tobacco blunt and if it’s not, kindly correct them and let them know it’s a hemp wrap. They’re not smoking what they think they are. Let’s start spreading correct information and using the proper terms for our community.

J: As with much of the industry – using misnomers isn’t helping any of us. Being accurate in your claims will lead to a healthier and happier industry for us all!

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The Blunt Wrap Review – An Ultimate Guide for Rollers  

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m a blunt smoker. Although I have a small assortment of pipe, bongs, and vapes that I use throughout the day to save my weed, I always prefer a fat, neatly rolled blunt over anything else. I love the effects, and I truly just love the entire experience. Smoking a blunt is an experience in and of itself – from the starting process of rolling it up, to camaraderie of passing around a circle with friends.

Although it does seem that the younger crowd is skipping over blunts in favor of more health-conscious consumption methods (kudos to them), the blunt still remains a favorite among millennials and Gen X’ers. A good blunt is comprised of two simple parts, the flower and the blunt wrap. The flower chosen is very much a matter of personal preference and budget, but picking a brand of blunt wrap can be way more flexible. Which ones are the best? Let’s take a look at some popular options.

The Origin of the Blunt  

It’s hard to pinpoint when some of our most historical cannabis trends began, but according to the book Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana, indentured servants from India and surrounding regions brought weed to the Caribbean with them sometime during the 1800s. The term “ganja” which has been strongly associated with Caribbean/Rasta culture for some time, was adopted from Hindi immigrants to the area.  

The blunt truly became a staple for cannabis smoking in the Caribbean, especially among farmers and laborers. Although there is no definitive reason for why blunts became so popular in this region, a few theories do exist. The first theory, and probably the most likely, is that blunts were used simply out of convenience and necessity. Because was the most abundantly grown crop in the Caribbean, it was much easier to get tobacco leaves than pipes or rolling papers.  

The second theory has to do with discretion. As cannabis was illegal and penalties against it were harshly enforced, some hypothesized that tobacco wraps were used to mask the smell of the cannabis when it was being smoked. This might have been possible with some of the older, more natural varieties that existed back then. But we all know that with today’s weed, it doesn’t really matter what it is rolled in, if it’s good you’ll be able to smell it.  

The third theory is one that we can all relate to. Blunts are fun, point blank. Not only do you get extra stoned because you’re consuming more weed in one sitting, but the blend of tobacco adds to the experience and makes it much more enjoyable for many smokers.  

Blunts in Modern Culture  

Throughout the late 1980s and 90s, there was an uptick in immigration to the United States. A large number of people from the Caribbean began to settle in various parts of New York city, bringing with them many traditional customs and traditions, some of which were related to cannabis use. During that same time, rap/hip hop music started to gain popularity… and we all know rap music is rife with blunt references.  

The word is that Snoop Dogg provided us with the first recorded evidence of how important blunts truly were to rap culture, during an interviewer with YouTuber, Nardward. During the interview, Snoop accredited fellow rapper Bushwick Bill for introducing him to his first blunt. Numerous other rappers including Big Daddy Kane, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, and many others over the years have referenced the blunt in their music. According to a report from Complex Magazine, Snoop Dogg even hired a guy to roll blunts for him full time, who he pays $50,000 per year for the record.  

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In many ways, blunts are also comparable to spliffs. Although the idea of smoking spliffs is a bit foreign (pun intended) to American stoners, but smoking blunts is kind of similar. Afterall, you are still getting that mix of cannabis and tobacco, and depending on what type of wrap you use, you can get more or less tobacco in your blunt.  

Despite the undeniable influence the blunt has had on modern smoking culture, its popularity has been declining over the last decade (not in some circles, but generally speaking). A study (yes, a study/survey was done on the subject) published in ScienceDirect Journal published in 2015 found that only about 20% of cannabis users reported using blunts regularly. As a matter of fact, the majority of people who did prefer smoking blunts were 25-35 years old (I’m 32 to so this fits), or they were teenagers during the 80s and 90s. 

Do Blunt Wraps Contain Nicotine?  

This, of course, depends largely on what brand of blunt you’re using. Some of the more traditional blunt wraps like Backwoods, are made with tobacco leaves which do contain some nicotine, as it is naturally occurring in most tobacco plants. Pay attention to the packaging, as it will usually say if the product contains nicotine or not.  

These days, you can find quite a few healthier brands of blunt wraps (although, technically speaking, no form of smoking is actually safe). For example, King Palm makes their wraps out of Cordia leaves, which don’t contain any nicotine. You can find wraps made from hemp, tea leaves, rose petals, ebony leaf, and many more. 

Wraps, Wraps, and More Wraps 

Although I’m not covering quite as many different wraps as other reviews I have seen, I wanted to quickly go over a few of my personal favorites, many of which are stoner classics anyway. Below are the six different brands of blunt wraps that I use most often, or ones I have had good notably experiences rolling in the past.  

Swisher Sweets 

Ah, swishers… a tried-and-true classic. In my experience, most people begin their blunt smoking journey with swishers. It makes sense, they’re easy to find (pretty much any gas station, liquor store, or smoke shop will carry them, which is not the case with many other brands), they come in a huge assortment of flavors, and they are particularly easy to roll.  


Lately, I’ve become a huge fan of smoking Backwoods blunts. These OG cigars are made from completely natural tobacco leaves which give provide for a nice, different type of buzz. They come in a handful of flavors (I like banana and Russian cream), and you can roll them really fat! Unlike other cigars that you have to split open and subsequently roll them smaller than the original size, with Backwoods, you unroll the leaf by hand and you can roll it back up either skinnier or fatter than the original size of the cigar. Some people find them difficult to roll, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty fun.  

Dutch Master 

Dutch Master is another classic brand of blunt wraps that are readily available throughout the US. People love Dutch blunts because they burn well and they’re easy to roll. But, one of the biggest perks of Dutch Masters is the fact that they burn slow, so you can enjoy that blunt for quite a while and share it with friends. Some people are not too happy about the price of these blunts, but that depends on where you live. In Indiana, where I currently reside, they are cheaper than swishers (2 for $1), but in California where I used to live, they cost more.  

High Tea 

High tea wraps are crafted from chamomile, mate, and cacao so they don’t contain any tobacco or nicotine. I came upon these at MJBizCon, and while I took them a bit reluctantly (I’m constantly offered papers and blunt wraps at these events that end up going to waste), I was pleasantly surprised. They came in handy when I had nothing else to roll with one night while in Vegas and I found that these High Tea wraps were very easy to roll and they burned smooth. They also were not harsh on my throat and lungs like some of the other, non-tobacco wraps I’ve tried.  

The Toad Blunt Wraps (Futurola/Tyson Ranch) 

These blunts are a collaboration between Mike Tyson’s brand, Tyson Ranch, and Futurola, a paper/rolling company from Amsterdam. The Toad Blunt Wraps, which are king-sized, are infused with natural plant terpenes for added flavor and enhanced effects. They are designed to burn slow, and coupled with the fact that the wraps are already large in size, that makes for some seriously long-lasting smoke sessions. These wraps are also completely free of tobacco or nicotine.

Juicy Jay’s Natural Wraps 

Juicy Jay’s are another well-known brand of wraps in the stoner community. Many people prefer the Classic Natural Wraps, but you can also find many other unique flavors like Strawberry Kiwi, Super Sour Apple, and Red Rum Raspberry. These wraps are made from tobacco, so they do contain nicotine, but the design has remained the same since 1993… so if you’re a fan of Juicy Jay’s, you know consistency is definitely their game.

Final Thoughts 

As the blunt wrap slowly becomes a stoner novelty, we can’t help but appreciate it as a classic symbol of cannabis use, cultural diversity, resilience, and rebellion. Although I personally find that most people prefer vapes and bongs these days, the art of the blunt roll is not lost on any stoner, and a perfectly executed blunt still takes center stage at all smoking occasions.

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Comedian Mike Cannon Doesn’t Want To Talk About Phish

Taking 150mg of legal edibles before stepping on a stage probably isn’t ideal for most, but Mike Cannon took it as an opportunity to tape his third independently produced comedy special. “Mike Cannon’s Huge Mistake” was released on YouTube August 17th with no real plan other than to have a great time. And according to what we saw, he made no mistakes. Marijuana in all forms has been a staple in Cannon’s life since giving it a (second) go in college. He says he uses it to quell his rage, but we think there’s many a hilarious reason comedy and cannabis go hand-in-hand. And comedian Mike Cannon, “rage” and all, is a prime example of why.

High Times: When did you start doing comedy and do you remember how much your first paying gig was?

Mike Cannon: I started doing comedy in 2008 in New York, which I wouldn’t recommend. I got paid way too much for my first paying gig too, which never happens. I got $300 for doing an hour of comedy for LIM College in Manhattan when I was a month and half into stand-up.

$300? Some people get a drink ticket! You must’ve thought you were hot shit.

Yes! I thought I was going to be Katt Williams! I thought, this is the beginning of becoming a millionaire soon enough!

What’s your history with weed? First time?

The first time I smoked weed, I think I was 15 because it was at a soccer party when I was a sophomore. There was a long tradition where the seniors forced everyone to smoke weed at this “pasta party.” The pasta party was where everyone loaded up on carbs and smoked weed the night before the game. Everyone was loading up on carbs, meanwhile, everyone was shitting out alfredo sauce the next day instead of playing well. I ended up smoking weed in my friend’s room with him for my first experience. I didn’t get high, but I did eat a lot.

It seems like a lot of people think they weren’t high the first time, maybe because they had expectations, but then you throw in the “I ate a lot…”

I always eat a lot! In my heart of hearts, I feel like I didn’t get high because there was nothing happening. I know that my eyes felt more closed, but I think I was doing that myself.

OK so when did you actually get high for the first time?

I never smoked again after that first time until I went away to college, and it was my junior year. I played basketball and I was going to be a professional athlete. Meanwhile, I was not even close. I ended smoking pretty regularly in college at Geneseo, where I hung out with a bunch of “jam band” guys. Whenever they would tell me about Phish or Grateful Dead, I would immediately walk out of the room and not participate at all. I’m more of a movie guy than a music guy.

What’s your go-to movie that always hits? 

Ace Ventura 2. Not the first one, it has to be the second one. It’s one of the craziest comedies ever because it’s like, give the ball to the star and let him fucking go. I remember being absolutely in awe that they just kept the cameras rolling and basically made Jim Carrey write the movie on the spot. It’s my favorite comedy sequel of all-time. I love something that routinely delivers. It’s like security, like laying down and having your parents tell you a story before bed.

Photo by The Homeless Pimp

Well that’s adorable. Let’s make your parents proud, sativa or indica?

I lean indica because I have a lot of rage issues. I need to be slightly tranquilized throughout my day to even be slightly above normal rage. I smoke blunts constantly. That’s how we all started, with Dutch Masters putting 5 on it. My entire experience with weed has been a mental “get past the hurdle” thing. I was really affected by being high initially. So much so, that the people who had been smoking regularly were annoyed to be around me. So, I had to learn to be chill and basically stifle my joy. It’s the same with edibles where I felt like I needed to be glued to the couch, or that was my compulsion. As soon as I started forcing myself to move around and get things done, it was almost like beating sleep on Ambien. It makes it that much better. You feel euphoric, you want to have sex—it’s an awesome feeling.

Starting with blunts goes hard. Who or what influenced that? 

Oh yeah. In the movie Kids, which is a remarkably fucked up movie, the blunt rolling scene in Washington Square Park kind of served as a tutorial for my use. We took that scene very seriously and perfected how to roll them up.

Was taking 150mg of edibles before your new special the plan or did you just start eating them and were like, wow these are delightful and I can’t stop eating them?

It was the plan really. The highest dose I’ve ever taken was in the 400-500 range. I remember the way I felt and there was no way I could’ve possibly performed like that. The idea came from the stress of putting together my hour of material. I put a lot of effort, time, production, and money into my other two specials and felt good about doing all of that, but I knew next time I pretty much wanted to do the exact opposite. I wanted an “I don’t care what this is, let’s have fun” kind of thing and that’s what came out of it. Nicole Lyons directed it, and she’s incredible. So, I knew 100mg gets me very high and I figured that 150 was above my regular dosage, but still below what would probably put me into a mental institution. I wanted to be super high, but also have the ability to verbalize what I was experiencing. I didn’t want to be completely comatose because I figured that wouldn’t be entertaining, so 150mg seemed like a perfect middle ground where it was a lot, but still manageable. The mission was to have a good time and it was a really a good night. Of course, there’ll be people like, “150mg? What an absolute pussy! I do that before I pick up my daughter from school!”

Did you have a plan for if you passed out on stage?

No! I went into it thinking it might be a 10-minute “fail video” though. Like, Mike Cannon tries performing on edibles and fails miserably! It turned out that everyone was there for the right reason. It was on 4/20, people were the right amount of stoned, and it was just a good time.

If you could pick a comic to eat 150mg and remake your special, who are you going with?

Joey Diaz. I have such reverence for him. He probably should’ve been the star of it in the first place, but hey, sometimes the availability doesn’t work out! I would love to see him, with whatever milligram he takes, just rip for a full hour with no plan. He’s one of the best doing it regardless, and then you add in all those edibles that he routinely takes? That would be insane.

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Al Capone Wants Smokers To Roll the Perfect Blunt

Al Capone wants its consumers more than satisfied with their blunts. With a beautiful leaf, the company ensures smokers can roll without issue but instead with flavor, practicality, and style. The brand is called Al Capone for a reason; it’s top of its food chain when it comes to 100% tobacco leaf wraps.

Al Capone wants smokers to roll the ideal blunt with all-natural wraps. For over 25 years, they have been making smokers’ and blunt rollers’ lives easier. Al Capone introduced their premium cigarillos to the U.S. market back in 1996. In over two decades since it got started, they became one of the fastest-growing brands in the U.S. natural tobacco leaf and hand-rolled market.

Six years ago, Al Capone recognized the increasing demand for all-natural tobacco leaf wraps, so they launched Al Capone Wraps. These products took their rightful place as the most premium tobacco leaf used for rolling. The Al Capone wraps match rollers’ needs. Al Capone Wraps are packed in individual pouches, so they are always fresh and ready to smoke.

There are no thick veins, plus the leaf is stretchy. They come pre-cut to the ideal size with a self-adhesive strip for easy closure. The wraps seal nice, tight, and right. They are available in three great flavors: Original, Cognac & Rum. Al Capone gives smokers time to enjoy and savor these flavors, as well. These blunts burn slowly, providing smokers a nice, relaxing time. They also burn evenly, so a flakey or unreliable blunt these silky textured products are not.

Al Capone takes great pride in its leaf, mostly because it is no ordinary leaf. The folks behind Al Capone strongly believe that it is the best leaf in the market. The company listened to consumers to make that happen. Al Capone wanted to know what was bothering blunt rollers, and what they found lacking about whatever brand they rolled and smoked. These tobacco leaf wraps provide the solutions to those issues.

For starters, there’s no inconsistency in the leaves. It’s always good quality and, again, comes in individual, sealed pouches, to preserve the freshness and flavors of it all. It’s stretchy, too, in case a smoker wants to roll a fatter blunt. Al Capone wants people rolling the perfect blunt, no matter the size, mood, or time of day.

If a smoker wants a little flavor, a little kick for whatever they’re smoking, Al Capone offers its three natural flavors. No ridiculous artificial flavors, either, that any smoker worth their salt rolls their eyes at. No bubble gum, passion fruit, or anything silly along those lines to dismiss. The three flavors are not overwhelming and only compliment the blunt with hints of cognac or rum. They never detract from the flavor and smell of the experience.

The flavors are subtle. Not only that but accurate. The flavors live up to their names. If a smoker fancies the smell of rum, they’ll get it from Al Capone. It enhances the experience as a nice cherry on the top of whatever is nice and snug in the leaf. It’s always a pleasant smell and taste. These wraps have a nice, light, and tasty touch. 

They hold together strong, too. Be ambitious and make an XXL blunt with Al Capone and never fret whether the blunt will handle all the flower power it’s storing. Fill one of these products to the brim with whatever is desired, and it’ll keep the product safe and secure. Soft and smooth, that’s Al Capone.


Al Capone sees its products as hip, edgy, and forward-thinking blunts, which cater to adult smokers of all ages. The company proudly declares they stand for what’s real, not perfect. The Al Capone way: the freedom for people to incorporate their products however they want, whether with cognac or a good meal. Al Capone only guarantees they have a premium product, nothing else. Al Capone’s culture believes in the perfectly imperfect.

These products are widely available and affordable, as well. The leaf is available on the mass market. It is not a $20 or $30 wrap, either. It’s under $2 a wrap, a rare low-cost product with high quality. In the last year alone, the sales of these little beauties have skyrocketed and found a passionate, loyal following.

There’s no chance a smoker has ever bought a blunt and missed the sight of one of Al Capone’s products. For anyone living under a rock, though, Al Capone has an online store locator on their website, where they also let people know exactly what they’re smoking.

The All-Natural Tobacco Leaf Wraps are made with care. From the farming to the packing and to the affordable prices, that care is always tangible when holding and smoking from one of their products. When it comes to Leaf Wraps, Al Capone is as good as it gets.

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Cash Only’s 420 Recs: Mira Gonzalez, Poet and Blunt Queen

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All photos by Zach Sokol.

Cash Only’s 420 Recs is an ongoing series where interesting folks offer recommendations for all things 420 — what strains they like, what weed products are blowing their minds, and what they like to do once stoned.

Mira Gonzalez rolls the best, most aerodynamic blunts west of the Mississippi. On the east, the award goes to Janice Griffith—Cash Only fam, and unsurprisingly one of Mira’s BFFs. Her skills are so good that she could easily land one of those gigs being the personal roller for a rapper—maybe Waka Flocka Flame is still hiring?

Yes, Mira is a legendary toker, and she’ll tell you she has the tolerance of at least five grown men, though the number could be higher. Outside of huffing Dutchies, Mira is an accomplished writer, poet, and illustrator—with an always-funny Twitter to boot. She’s also published a poetry collection, an NSFW coloring book, and temporarily co-hosted a really good podcast called “Really Good Financial Advice.”

Mira and I go back to our days as editors at Merry Jane, Snoop Dogg’s cannabis media brand. One of the best parts of that gig entailed me catching a ride to work with Gonzalez, and us chain smoking blunts while brainstorming articles or talking shit for the whole damn cruise. We also did some great work, like breaking a story on black market vape carts and how they were causing a mysterious lung illness amongst consumers, as well as partnering with Pornhub on a series of videos, including one in which Mira and Janice turned a fleshlight into a bong.

Mira always makes me laugh, and her 420 Recommendations for Cash Only definitely scratched that itch. Below, the weed lord explains how strain names are mostly fake, her love of getting high and “freaking the fuck out” to weird movies, and shopping for very expensive hyper-realistic babies on Etsy. Thanks Mira, we love ya!

What’s your current favorite strain and how do you like to consume it?

Mira Gonzalez: Honestly, one of the first things I learned when I started working in the weed space is that strains are mostly fake and so is the divide between indica and sativa lol.

For example, my first job involving weed was as a budtender for a weed dispensary in Los Angeles when I was 19. When we got new weed, me, the one other employee, and the owner would smoke a blunt together. Then, the three of us would collectively decide if the weed would be labeled as indica or sativa, and what that strain would be called. (Anything we gave the name “Girl Scout Cookies” or “Blue Dream” would sell extremely fast.)

All of that is just to say, I don’t really have a favorite strain. I find it’s more reliable to choose my weed based on scent, THC content, and vibes.

My favorite way to get stoned kinda changes depending on my mood. I go through phases, but lately I’ve been dabbing a lot.

When it comes to flower, though, my favorite way to smoke will always be blunts. Dutches are my preferred brand, but tbh I’m not picky. I’ll never be too proud to smoke a Swisher if that’s what’s available.

Do you have any favorite weed products right now?

Like I said, I’ve been dabbing a lot. Raw Garden is probably my favorite brand for concentrates.

I also love edibles, but I have the weed tolerance of like five grown men, so I always want the really strong shit. In California, that mainly comes in the form of pills and tinctures. Some of my favorite brands are Protab (tablets) and Proof (tinctures). For flower, I love Pure Beauty.

What activity do you like to do after you’ve gotten really stoned?

I love getting really high and braiding my hair. I also like finding weird or niche Etsy shops. The other day, I found a shop that just sells hyper-realistic fake babies for thousands of dollars each. The shop had a ton of five star reviews from really happy customers.

Can you recommend something to watch while really high?

Well personally, I love to get high and freak the fuck out; just absolutely lose my shit. So if that sounds appealing to you, here are some of my recommendations:

Eraserhead (1977)
Angst (1983)
House (1977)
Natural Born Killers (1994)
SexWorld (1978)

Can you recommend something to listen to while smoking?

Taylor Swift.

Can you recommend something to read once stoned?


Who’s in your dream blunt rotation?

Cornel West and Dolly Parton.

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Joint Art: Beautiful Consumable Creations

Nothing gold can stay, but that’s actually a happy thought for Jaime Nacrur.

Nacrur, better known by his Instagram handle @weavers_, has carved out quite a niche for himself in the cannabis community by crafting impressively intricate, and sometimes oversized, art sculptures made completely out of flower and 24-karat gold blunt wraps.

While Weavers’ first commissions were relegated to making weapons such as guns and knives formed from tobacco wraps, the California artist has pushed the boundaries of his creativity by crafting blunts that include liquor bottles, microphones and even UFC fighting gloves.

Weavers’ astounding works of smokable art even earned him an exhibition, sponsored by Hitman Glass. The art show premiered in November 2017 at Hitman’s Los Angeles coffee house to much fanfare, and included a massive Darth Vader statue constructed out of 10 pounds of cannabis and gold blunt wraps from Shine Papers.

“I’ve been rolling blunts and making art for over 30 years,” Nacrur said. “Four years ago, I had the opportunity to combine my love for art and cannabis through my artist identity, Weavers. I immediately fell in love with the response I received from the people that appreciated my work.”

Now at the height of his popularity and success, Nacrur said he decided rolling blunts would be his primary art form when he saw the joy that it brought to others.

“In modern day society, we’re surrounded by stress and anxiety,” he said. “When I saw a group of over 100 people smiling and enjoying themselves because of my creation, I couldn’t describe how great it made me feel. Every piece of consumable art that I make has a strong positive impact on the cannabis community. A large driving force in my career is watching my work make people happy.”

Nacrur ended up on the radar of sponsors like Shine and Hitman organically at shows and through friends.

“We support each other’s brands and it is mutually beneficial for all parties,” he said, noting that he has now been commissioned to make personalized blunt creations for a number of different celebrities. “I can proudly say that these people have smoked my blunts: Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Lil Dicky, Too $hort, Action Bronson, Lil Debbie, DJ Quick, Xzibit, Rae Sremmurd, Mally Mall, B-Real, the Diaz brothers, Sizzla, The Game and a few I can’t mention. I also made blunts for the Netflix sitcom ‘Disjointed,’ and the Viceland shows ‘Bong Appetit’ and ‘Ancient Aliens.’”

Weavers blunt Cannabis Now

After making so many works of art, he struggled to identify which one he was the most proud of, but did mention the most complicated piece he’s ever created involved making a 3D version of the logo for Captain Jack’s, a now-closed dispensary that was located in Upland, California.

When asked about the highest price he’s ever been paid for his art, Nacrur said he doesn’t do it for the money, but rather the challenge.

“I’m challenging myself and trying new things,” he said. “I’ve created my own niche.”

TELL US, have you ever seen such creative joints?

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Find Your Back-Up Blunt Wrap Brand

The marijuana industry has evolved greatly over the years. One thing that hasn’t changed within the stoner community is the love for a good blunt — but even blunt wraps have evolved in their own way.

Now, with the introduction of hemp wraps, there are more options for the health-conscious consumer. Having so many brands to choose from can be both a blessing and a curse. This list features the best blunt wraps to consider purchasing for your next smoke sesh. However, the best blunt wraps are in the eyes of the beholder, or in the eyes of the smoker, for that matter. Unlike joint wraps, there’s a little bit of nuance when purchasing blunt wraps since you’re dealing with an actual leaf instead of a slice of rice paper.

Blunt wraps also come in a wide selection of flavors. Ranging from organic to vegan, there’s a wrap for every toker. Our list includes legendary blunt brands that have stood the test of time for decades, as well as newer brands. Whether you’re new to the weed game or an OG to the blunt scene, we can help you find the best blunt wraps for you and your lungs!

Every smoker knows there’s nothing worse than making a special trip to your local head shop, only to find they don’t have the weed wraps you want. For this reason, it’s always nice to have backup blunt brands that you like.

Choose from our list of the best blunts wraps in the nation right now, that are featured everywhere from billboards, to blogs, to marijuana news.

1. Juicy Jay’s: Flavorful Hemp Wraps

One of the stoner community’s most beloved brands — a staple in the culture — is Juicy Jay’s hemp wraps, created by none other than Josh Kesselman, the creator of RAW papers. Just like their rolling paper counterparts, the Juicy wraps are some of the best blunt wraps filled with immense flavor to elevate any smoking experience, whether you’re blazing ganja or tobacco. 

Juicy hemp wraps take a flavorful, health-conscious avenue towards smoking a blunt. These could be your perfect match if you enjoy flavorful blunts but also want an organic natural smoke that won’t cause major damage to your lungs. These are one of the best brands for delicious and smooth-tasting blunt flavors.

2. High Hemp: A Healthier Avenue

Made entirely of sustainably grown hemp, High Hemp herbal wraps are the perfect organic blunt wraps for the smoker that likes the aesthetics of smoking a blunt, but doesn’t want all the harmful tobacco carcinogens. High Hemp also has an assortment of CBD blunt wraps for the tokers that like the properties of CBD just as much as they enjoy their THC. High Hemp’s CBD wraps are a nice change of pace from the traditional blunt wrap. Newcomers who don’t want to start with a harsh tobacco leaf should gravitate towards the smooth taste of these organic wraps.

3. Twisted Hemp: All Natural Wraps

Smoking Twisted Hemp wraps will surely have you vibing high during your next smoke session. Unlike tobacco wraps, Twisted Hemp uses all-natural hemp and flavoring to create their papers. Undiluted by nicotine or tobacco, Twisted Hemp is the way to go for the health-conscious pot smoker that enjoys a nice healthy blunt. If you’re someone who likes the feeling of splitting your blunt paper apart and dumping the guts out to replace it with some fluffy cannabis, this wrap may not be for you. However, if you enjoy a less harsh smoke that still burns nice and long, then these hemp wraps are right up your alley.

4. King Palm: Hand-Picked Palm Leaf Wraps

If you fancy King Palm wraps, you’re a true herb connoisseur and care about the quality of your weed wraps. With King Palm blunt wraps, you can say goodbye to the tedious and messy rolling process; these blunts are pre-rolled and ready to be stuffed and smoked. Contrary to hemp wraps, King Palm uses all natural palm leaves, completely free from toxic chemicals and tobacco.  The leaves are hand-picked from Cordia trees and cleansed with purified water. Slow-burning and available in a multitude of flavors — from Blueberry and Fruit Passion to Margarita, Banana Cream and even Magic Mint — King Palm wraps are an all-around solid choice, if you are up for a change.  

5. Kingpin: Smoke Like a King

Kingpin hemp wraps are some of the most sought-after hemp wraps in the industry. These cigar wraps are made completely out of hemp but still provide a blunt-like feel that any midnight toker would enjoy. The Kingpin wraps come in a wide variety of flavors to suit your taste buds and elevate any smoke session. These hemp wraps are a great happy medium that allows you to enjoy a healthier, more flavorful smoke. The old timers who were smoking blunts before hemp became a part of the cannabis enthusiasts’ dynamic may have a hard time warming up to the Kingpin blunt wraps. But for the novice cannabis smoker, these are easy on the lungs and perfect for learning how to roll blunts.

6. Endo: Pre-Rolled Wraps With A Twist

Endo hemp wraps are weed wraps with a twist — they’re pre-rolled with a wooden tip at the end! With this built-in wooden filter, you no longer have to purse your lips onto the blunt wrap with the risk of getting the flavored residue on your lips or tongue. Reminiscent of Black & Mild cigar wraps, Endo wraps bring back an old school style to a new school form of smoking made entirely from hemp. These are perfect for the OGs that want to take a trip down memory lane. There’s also a plethora of flavors to choose from, including Russian Cream and White Grape.

7. Billionaire Hemp Wraps: When You Want to Splurge

Billionaire hemp wraps are made from the finest hemp with the perfect amount of flavor added to complement your smoking experience. These are for anyone who wants to still taste their terpenes but also wants to add a little extra flavor to their smoke. The Billionaire hemp wraps are a great alternative to smoking regular blunt wraps as well as joint wraps. If you want to feel rich and splurge a little bit on some of the best hemp wraps in the game, then these are the perfect wraps for you.

8. Cyclones: Leave Your Head Spinning

Cyclones hemp cones are one of those blunt wrap brands with a new school twist. Aside from having a mass assortment of flavors, Cyclones blunt wraps are made completely out of hemp in a pre-rolled cone that allows you to enjoy your herbs from beginning to end. These cones have a distinct way of burning, where the tip is very wide, leaving more space to pack your herb inside. This also allows for a slower burn, where you can really feel the effects of your ingredients. With Cyclones, smokers can pack copious amounts of herb into their blunt as opposed to joint wraps that can only hold a fixed amount.

9. Zig-Zag Wraps: The Legendary Classic

For more than 140 years, Zig-Zag Wraps has been a classic staple among joint paper brands. Since expanding into blunt wraps in 2009, the brand’s cigar wraps have become a smash hit, thanks to their high-quality tobacco leaf and industry-leading processing. This is the most ideal blunt wrap for those who grew up rolling Zig-Zag joint wraps in their youth; now they can roll a nice blunt with the nostalgic brand.

If you’re new to the blunt rolling game, these may be a tough brand to start with. Zig-Zag blunt wraps are the perfect wrap for someone who just wants to roll their weed and smoke — nothing too fancy. The blunt wrap brand also has a number of classic flavors, ranging from cherry to melon, to go along with their wraps. This classic brand has been a legendary name throughout the stoner community. If a quality smoke with a touch of flavor is what you’re into, you’ll enjoy Zig Zags.

10. Dutch Masters: A Versatile Blunt Wrap

The Dutch Masters brand, most commonly known as “Dutch,” is a favorite among habitual blunt smokers that is constantly stocked in any local smoke shop or gas station. The slow-burning tobacco leaf is easy to roll, and very forgiving when it comes to making mistakes. There’s nothing better than smoking a nicely rolled honey fusion Dutch blunt, along with their illustrious assortment of flavors. Dutch blunt wraps are great for the OGs to roll up with as well as the new smoker who is just learning to roll and figure out his preferred blunt wrap.

11. Swisher Sweets: A Top Cigarillo Brand

Swisher Sweets are one of the most popular names in the blunt wrap industry. They’re the first brand you see when you walk into a gas station or head shop. Swisher blunt wraps are akin to any Pokemon starter pack that you saw in any grocery store; they’re a dime a dozen and are just to get you started on your journey. These wraps come in a ton of different flavors. While they don’t provide the longest burn, you do get a smooth smoke with a nice hint of flavor. Swisher blunt wraps make great learning tools when first rolling, but once your skills have improved, you’ll want to try out other wraps.

12. Optimo: Smoke Like a Pro

While being widely celebrated by the likes of The Notorious B.I.G. and Young Thug, Optimos are legendary among blunt smokers and rappers alike, while still being quite underrated. This cigarillo brand prides itself on its ability to produce a leaf that’s all-natural tobacco. It provides a nice, smooth, slow burn every single time. There’s nothing better than opening a fresh pack of Optimo wraps to fill with some fresh, dank bud to relax after a trying day. These blunt wraps are easy to roll with, too: The leaf is very soft — not too stiff — allowing for a consistently smooth smoking experience. Optimo blunts are perfect for any social gathering or solo sesh; they burn slow, and they have a plethora of great flavors to choose from. If you’re a cannabis smoker that likes a nice slow burn when smoking with a wrap, then give Optimos a try.

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