Mama Sailene Promotes Health

California cannabis patient Sailene Ossman’s journey with the plant came after a horrific car accident when she was just 19 years old. Her injuries included a spinal fracture at the C2 vertebra, a fractured sternum, five broken ribs, a compound fracture of her right leg—nearly resulting in the amputation of her foot—as well as chronic pain, arthritis, and neck degeneration.

“It took months to learn to walk again, with my dad dubbing me his ‘walking miracle baby,’” she told High Times. “I had a tracheotomy and was in traction on my back in the ICU when a respiratory therapist compared cannabis to other medications as a bronchodilator or a productive cough that would loosen the phlegm, preventing my lungs from filling up and causing pneumonia. That’s when I realized she was telling me that cannabis was medicine.”

Once she returned home from the hospital, she dove headfirst into learning more about cannabis remedies, which continue to quell her pain to this day. Since then, her journey with cannabis has led to careers she never dreamt of having.

The Queen of Abbot Kinney Boulevard

The one-mile stretch hosting some of the hippest shops in Los Angeles makes up Abbot Kinney Boulevard in the eclectic town of Venice Beach, California. This is where Ossman began her career as owner of Abbott’s Habit, a community hub where she gained the title “The Queen of Venice” in the mid-1990s.

She had a secret life, however, establishing the first cannabis delivery service with no name in the beach town and branching out to found the Privee Social Club, which hosted infused gatherings and dinners around the country, including a soiree for P Diddy. The web series Smoke in the Kitchen with Mama Sailene found her cooking side by side with Snoop Dogg for his website, MERRY JANE. Merry Jane dubbed her “Mama Sailene” when they produced her video series with the tagline, “Mama Sailene, a mother to none, mama to all.” Ossman then went on to found the Glowing Goddess Getaways, a traveling cannabis camp-out for women.

Rolling Stone wrote that Ossman was “the goddess earth mother you always wished you had… Mama Sailene, the nurturing and cheery feminist cannabis guru of Southern California, really specializes in making sure everyone else is having a wonderful time—and always has enough weed.” 

In 2020, Ossman published the book CBD Cocktails encouraging readers to “take the edge off with over 100 relaxing recipes.”

The book is unique in that each recipe incorporates various CBD (cannabidiol) tinctures made by different companies, available nationally either in dispensaries or by mail order. The idea is a novel one. How many times have you stood looking at the sea of CBD tinctures at a dispensary and wondered what else you could do with them besides simple dosing?

Courtesy Cider Mill Press

Cali Sober

Ossman is an admitted California girl through and through. Since she doesn’t consume alcohol, she was only too eager to incorporate cannabis mocktails into her recreational and medicinal dosing regimen. One section of her book is devoted to mocktails. The trend of using cannabis, but not alcohol, has been called “Cali sober,” and Ossman has included beneficial and tasty recipes for those who prefer this lifestyle.

“As the plant loses its historical [negative] stigma, cannabis and CBD products have begun to flood the market, making the healthful benefits derived from CBD accessible to all, whether marijuana has been legalized where you live or not,” Ossman wrote in her book. “If it hasn’t, it soon will be, as everyone has begun to learn of the incredible health benefits derived from this miracle plant.”

In the book’s introduction, Ossman also offers a brief overview of the history of the plant and its origins dating back to ancient times in countries we know today as China, Tibet, and India. She expounds on the plant’s use as medicine and its place in shamanistic rituals. While the book is all about CBD, she also highlights the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids working in synergy.

“Cannabinoid receptors in the body need higher levels of THC to be activated than those present in CBD products alone,” Ossman wrote. “This is why users find that the products containing only CBD are less effective, and why products using the entire plant, THC and all, work best, especially when it comes to pain management.”

Today, Ossman is the founder and owner of the Brewja Elixir in Joshua Tree, California, where she makes her home in the high desert. In her shop, you’ll find mocktails and elixirs made with a variety of CBD products, herbs, plants, and fruits, including a myriad of medicinal mushrooms.

The cannabis plant has forever changed Ossman’s life.

“The benefits from plants, and the healing I’ve witnessed for myself and others from CBD and cannabis in general, are too numerous to detail,” she said. “This experience in witnessing the healing caused me to step up to the plate for this female plant, and there’s no turning back. Cannabis has been my life, all of my adult life now, for a good reason. She’s added so much to my life, and I’m honored to work for her.”

Courtesy Sailene Ossman

Recipe: Martini

This is the ultimate form of sophistication in a glass. If you like a simple drink, reach for a simple CBD add on like a neutral tincture.


4 parts gin

1 part dry vermouth 

1 lemon twist

Neutral CBD tincture, to taste

Glassware: cocktail glass 

Place the gin and vermouth in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously, strain the mixture into a cocktail glass, and garnish with the lemon twist and the tincture.

Excepted from CBD Cocktails by Sailene Ossman

This article was originally published in the October 2022 issue of High Times Magazine.

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Nashville Jams With THC Seltzer

Attracting countless bachelorette parties clad in pink cowboy hats and tourists looking to stumble through line dances, Nashville’s nightlife is famously fun. 

Whatever your jam is, Nashville’s got it. With incredible Bluegrass, Rock, Indie, and of course, Country, the Music City is sure to strike the right chord with you. Nashville has plenty of music options, and now it’s adding a new note to the music with a refreshing beverage option, Crescent 9 THC Seltzer.

A growing list of bars — including one of the city’s most famous music venues, Exit/In — are embracing THC drinks as the perfect beverage for the Nashville party scene. 

“Exit/In is known for curating a diverse concert calendar appealing to all music lovers,” said Jess Speer, the club’s General Manager. “We want our bar menu to complement this concept. With Crescent 9 THC Seltzer, we’ve added the same diversity to our bar menu.”

Debuting at their sold-out Hozier show in early May, Crescent 9 THC Seltzer made a huge splash with the Exit/In crowd.

THC and the Music City

Nashville is ready to embrace cannabis. A 2019 survey of Nashville residents found that 94% supported marijuana being legalized either recreationally or medicinally. Despite the overwhelming support for marijuana legalization in the state, recreational and medicinal marijuana are still not legal in Tennessee

While the marijuana industry in Tennessee remains limited, the hemp industry is flourishing. 

After Tennessee passed SB357 in 2019, hemp-derived THC products became officially legal in the state. Further supporting the hemp industry, the Tennessee General Assembly passed HB 403 this year, which will further regulate and establish it.  

“By passing HB 403, the Tennessee General Assembly has recognized the legality and presence of hemp-derived cannabinoid products in Tennessee,” says attorney Curtis Harrington, chairman of the Tennessee Medical Cannabis Commission. “The bill provides a regulatory framework, which is great news for Tennessee. It allows industry members to operate with clearer regulations and consumers to have more confidence in hemp products.”

Hemp products are federally legal if they contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC and adhere to federal regulations along with the safety and potency standards established by Tennessee hemp laws. Despite restrictions, the industry is poised to thrive with hemp-derived THC beverages in particular experiencing an exponential surge in popularity.

Crescent 9 THC Seltzer

Facilitating a deeper connection to music, enhancing the flavors of food, and reducing social inhibitions, THC drinks have the potential to elevate your Nashville experience.

One of the first Delta-9 THC drinks to be available in Nashville was Crescent 9 THC Seltzer, a low-calorie alternative to alcohol flavored with mango puree and natural fruit juices. With 6 mg of Delta-9 THC, 3 mg of CBD, and a splash of caffeine, it provides delightfully uplifting effects. 

THC seltzer acts fast. You feel the effects within 15 to 30 minutes and, as is true of alcohol, you can enjoy them all night long. When the night’s over, get a restful sleep and wake up with no nasty hangover.

“Bars are always looking for new beverages to offer, and we’re seeing a ton of interest in cannabis drinks like THC seltzer,” reports Jason Eskind, Executive VP at Best Brands, Inc., a Tennessee beverage distributor. “It’s a win-win. Consumers get access to safe, quality cannabis products, and bars earn revenue from customers who don’t want to drink alcohol.”

Exit/In was the first bar in Nashville to carry Crescent 9 THC Seltzer.

Best Brands Inc. began distributing Crescent 9 THC Seltzer in April, and the product is now available at dozens of bars, music clubs, and retail locations throughout Nashville. If you are an adult who is outside of Nashville, you can order Crescent 9 THC Seltzer online at

THC Seltzer Is the Next Big Thing for Bars

The cannabis beverage market is expanding rapidly. According to Fortune Business Insights, the value of this market is expected to grow from $915 million in 2021 to a whopping $19 billion by 2028. 

Largely, this impressive growth is fueled by an increased demand for beverages that satisfy non-drinkers. A National Health Survey in 2018 found that a third of adults in America don’t drink alcohol.

Bars across the country are embracing cannabis drinks as a much-needed alcohol alternative. Leading the charge are cities known for their nightlife, like New Orleans and Nashville, which recognize the potential of THC drinks to elevate their unique party scenes.

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From the Archives: Tropical CBD Smoothie (2021)

Green smoothies are a great way to up your intake of health-boosting vegetables and fruits while enjoying a vibrant, energizing drink. Adding CBD and THC to the mix along with fresh young cannabis shoots kicks things up a few notches in the feel-good department, with a range of physical benefits to be found in eating your favorite smokable greens. In their unheated state, the cannabinoids CBDa and THCa interact with different receptors than their post-heated versions, with the raw form being shown to support the auto-immune system, as well as being neuro-protective and anti-inflammatory (as concluded in peer-reviewed studies fully available on the British Pharmacological Society and National Library of Medicine websites). Dr. William Courtney is a well-known pioneer in documenting and treating ailments with raw cannabis juicing since 2010, and his site is a great resource for digging deeper into firsthand accounts. The short and quick version: Be sure to make use of those extra greens on defoliation days, especially the young shoots and buds!

Kale, spinach, parsley and ginger all play a part in super-charging this smoothie for maximum antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, plus the extra vitamin C boost from freshly-squeezed orange juice is the perfect immune system support. Add a healthy fat like coconut milk or almond butter as a carrier for the kief, and to make the drink more satisfying as a fuel, throw in some superfoods like hemp seeds and spirulina to incorporate essential vitamins like magnesium and potassium, and you’re well on your way to next-level, healthy-green-smoothie heaven. Speaking of potassium, adding frozen bananas both thickens the drink to a shake-like consistency and blends into the mango and pineapple for a perfect tastewave of tropical, sweet smoothie bliss.


1 gram of high CBD-to-THC ratio kief, from strains like Cannatonic or AC/DC* 1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice (juice from about 1 medium-sized orange)

1 handful raw cannabis greens (15-20 baby shoots and leaves)

1 cup fresh spinach

1 cup fresh kale 1/2 cup parsley

3 tbsp. coconut milk (or almond butter)

2/3 cup almond/coconut milk (or more juice/coconut water/milk substitute)

2 tbsp. hemp seeds 1 tsp. spirulina

1-inch knob of ginger (about the width of your thumb)

1 cup frozen mango chunks 1/2 cup frozen pineapple

2 frozen bananas


1. Decarboxylate Kief: Preheat the oven to 240°F/115°C, using an oven thermometer to monitor and adjust the heat as needed. Spread the kief evenly over a parchment-lined baking sheet or oven-safe dish. Cover tightly with two sheets of aluminum foil, making sure to seal the edges to prevent any vapor from escaping. Bake for 30 minutes, shaking lightly about half-way through. Let cool fully before removing the aluminum foil. After cooling, the now “decarbed” kief can be sprinkled on anything that has a good amount of fat involved, like peanut butter or coconut oil or ice cream (avoid further heating).

2. Blend it up: Soak and wash your cannabis leaves and other greens. Drain, then put greens and all other ingredients (including the baked kief) into a highspeed blender. A high-powered blending tool is key here, as mulching all the roughage into a drinkable state makes all the difference in terms of appealing texture. If you have a juicer, juice everything except the kief, hemp seeds, spirulina and frozen fruit, then put everything in a blender together after juicing the in-season fruit and veggies.

3. Enjoy: Pour into a chilled glass. Garnish with fresh fruit and hemp seeds. Serve immediately.

Makes: 4 cups, or two 2-cup servings

Dosage: Change numbers to desired dosage and CBD/THC percentage: The kief I used had about 15 percent CBD per gram, so the one gram contains approximately 150mg of activated CBD in total. By dividing the total mgs of THC by the number of servings, in this case two smoothies, each serving will have about 75 milligrams of CBD. (Multiply the grams of kief used by its estimated CBD/THC percentage, then add a zero to the end of that number for a rough total amount of CBD/THC in mg. Then divide that total mg amount by the number of servings.) As with all edibles, remember to take it low and slow, allowing 1-2 hours to gauge the effect before eating more.

High Times Magazine, May 2021

Read the full issue here.

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Major League Changes: Cubs Announce First CBD Partnership

The Chicago Cubs are partnering with wellness and recovery brand Mynd Drinks to offer CBD drinks at Wrigley Field home games for the 2023 Major League Baseball season. The deal establishes fellow Chicago-based Mynd Drinks as the “Official CBD Partner of the Cubs” and makes the team the first in the MLB to partner with a CBD brand.

Under the new agreement announced last week, Mynd Drinks will market its CBD beverages at Wrigley Field and have various signage elements at the venue, including on-field baseline signage and other ballpark features. The deal also includes international marketing rights in the United Kingdom for the 2023 regular season, a first for the Cubs.

“When MLB opened the CBD category for its clubs, it allowed us to explore new partnership opportunities and offerings,” Alex Seyferth, the Chicago Cubs vice president of corporate partnerships, said in a statement from the league on April 7. “We’re proud to be the first club to partner with a CBD company, but what was more important to us was making sure that the brand was the right fit. Mynd Drinks is a Chicago-based company that promotes overall wellness and helps ease the stressors of everyday life, just like a Friday 1:20 game at Wrigley Field.”

Mynd Drinks offers three flavors of plant-based, hemp-infused wellness and recovery drinks that help people relax, refresh and recover. The launch of the company’s partnership with the Cubs includes online content to help fans of the team relax and unwind, including a guided meditation on YouTube narrated by Cubs radio play-by-play announcer Pat Hughes and a “Sounds of Wrigley Field” Spotify playlist.

“We are so thrilled and honored to announce our partnership with the legendary Chicago Cubs, and that they share our vision of health and wellness in major league sports,” said Simon Allen, CEO of Mynd Drinks.

Sports Leagues Back Away From Cannabis Prohibition

The deal between the Chicago Cubs and Mynd Drinks is the latest example of professional sports leagues’ changing stance on cannabis.

In June 2022, MLB changed its policy that allows sponsorship deals with hemp-based CBD companies for teams and the league. Four months later, the league announced that it had struck a deal with Colorado-based Charlotte’s Web, making the company’s products the “Official CBD of Major League Baseball.” Bill Morningstar, the MLB’s executive vice president of sponsorship sales, noted that the deal marked the first time that a professional sports league had signed a sponsorship agreement with a CBD company.

“It’s always great to be first, but it’s more important to get it right,” Morningstar said in an MLB statement last October. “That was really what drove this, making sure that we did the education, and we understood exactly what the product stood for and what the company stands for…We feel really confident that we took the steps, the time, to get everything in line.”

Charlotte’s Web CEO Jacques Tortoroli notes that the deal will increase public awareness of the health and wellness benefits of cannabidiol (CBD).

“This partnership is a natural evolution in the growth of the industry and our business, and in elevating the quality of life for MLB’s players and 180 million-strong community,” Tortoroli said. “Launching co-branded sports products will amplify each of our wellness missions. Most importantly, we’ll collaborate on education for teams, for players, for fans, for the general public, about what CBD is, and what CBD is not. It’s a unique, really only CBD choice of partner for Charlotte’s Web.”

On April 1, 2023, the National Basketball Association and the players union reached a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement that reportedly ends the NBA’s prohibition on cannabis for players. According to terms of the deal revealed by The Athletic, players will also be permitted to invest in cannabis ventures and sign endorsement deals with regulated cannabis companies.

The National Hockey League also ended cannabis prohibition for its athletes, no longer listing the plant as a banned substance. NHL players who test positive for cannabis use are not subject to disciplinary action, although players with THC levels the league considers “abnormally high” may be referred to a voluntary treatment program.

Additionally, the National Football League’s collective bargaining agreement for the 2020-21 season relaxed the league’s cannabis policy, allowing players to use the plant during the off-season while maintaining prohibition throughout the season of play. The agreement also increased the level of THC that can be present in a player’s drug test before triggering sanctions from the league and ends game suspensions for all positive drug tests, with players facing fines instead.

As the health benefits of hemp and cannabis become more well-known and accepted among the general public, it makes sense for professional sports to evolve alongside legalization. And apart from updating policies for players, nothing signals change more than an official partnership between professional sports clubs and CBD and THC brands.

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Flora Hemp Spirits Is Changing Social Drinking

Visiting your favorite restaurant or bar isn’t the same when you’re devoted to sober weekdays or a dry January. Navigating life as sober-curious may indeed have its challenges, but the good folks at Flora Hemp Spirits are changing that. Their zero-calorie cannabinoid-based mixers and mocktails—cannacocktails as they call them—allow consumers to join in on the ritual of socialized drinking without loads of sugar or a dreaded hangover.

In 2019, hospitality veterans and mixologists Adam Peabody and Danny Jahnke noticed they were selling an abundance of traditional mocktails and wondered why there weren’t more options on the market. Ordering a non-alcoholic pina colada or mimosa without champagne is hardly creative and delivers nothing remarkable to consumers. After lengthy conversations, the duo discussed ways to fill the gap between mindful drinking and cannabis while redefining the adult beverage drinking experience. Being the life of the party doesn’t mean you have to be drunk.

When Peabody and Jahnke joined forces in 2019, they dreamt of creating a new social experience for non-drinkers—something that allows designated drivers to unwind and relax with their friends, but without a drop of alcohol. Their solution? Cannabinoids. Within months, the pair founded Flora Hemp Spirits, which became the world’s first all-natural, alcohol-free, cannabinoid-based spirits. An alcohol alternative was born.

Flora Hemp Spirits founders Danny Jahnke and Adam Peabody.

Wellness Beverages Made Simple

All of Flora Hemp Spirits products are made from natural botanicals and herbs, formulated to give anyone who doesn’t want to drink options beyond the typical mixed drinks. Even if you’re hitting the bottle while out on the town, you can use their products to curtail your consumption of cocktails. Drinking a few Flora Essence mocktails between alcoholic beverages will help avoid hangovers and save your tomorrow.

Flora Hemp Spirits has three distinct products to choose from: Essence, which includes CBD for a relaxing effect; Delta-8, which offers a mild THC high; and their line of canned mocktails featuring CBD and Delta-9 THC for easy enjoyment.  Regardless of which one you reach for, each product offers a revolutionary, hangover and alcohol-free drinking experience that allows you to mix cannabinoids the same way you would mix a drink.

Flora Hemp Spirit: Essence

Made with your wellness in mind, Flora Essence is a sophisticated, hemp-derived spirit that you can think of like a bottle of gin or vodka (but without the alcohol, of course) to recreate your favorite cocktails. Download their free recipe book to try new cannacocktails. Made with only five all-natural ingredients, Essence gives new meaning to “drink to good health.” Zero calories and fast-acting, each 2-ounce serving contains 25 mg of water-soluble CBD, allowing you to relax and unwind while preventing any morning volcanoes from erupting in your head.   

Flora Hemp Spirit: Delta-8

Like Flora Essence, Flora Delta-8 can be substituted for vodka or gin in your favorite cocktail recipe. But Flora Delta-8 delivers a refined alcohol-free mocktail with a mild THC high. One of the advantages of Flora spirits is their mixability and ease of cannabinoid dosage. There’s 25mg of fast-acting water-soluble Delta-8 THC in a 2-ounce serving. It’s also made with all-natural ingredients and contains zero sugar or calories.

Flora Hemp Spirits
Flora Hemp Spirits is the world’s first all-natural, alcohol-free, cannabinoid-based spirit brand.

Flora Canned Mocktails

Passion Fruit “Margarita” + Blueberry “Moscow Mule”

Crafted by award-winning mixologists and using only the freshest ingredients, Flora’s Passion Fruit “Margarita” and Blueberry “Moscow Mule” canned offerings are perfect for easy enjoyment. Sold in a four-pack of single-serving cans, you can enjoy them straight out of the can or on ice with a salted rim. Each can includes 5mg of Delta-9 THC and 10mg of CBD, delivering a relaxed, mild THC high, perfect for your next social engagement, or even for a little boost of energy to get in the zone and knock out chores around the house. Both flavors are low-calorie and include fresh ingredients for premium flavor. With shipping available in all 50 states, you’ll surely want to stock up on these.

Steam Distillation Process

Being the world’s first all-natural, alcohol-free, cannabinoid-based spirits isn’t the only thing differentiating Flora Hemp Spirits—their use of a copper pot steam distillation process is another factor. Steam distillation extracts plants’ terpenes, essential oils and organic compounds like CBD. This technique differs from typical solvent extraction.

The heat in the steam distillation process vaporizes CBD, carrying the vapor into a cooling system for consolidation and collection. By using steam distillation, Flora Hemp Spirits can infuse their hemp spirits with organic extracts such as rosemary, juniper, lavender and citrus flavors, and also extract hemp oil without chemical solvents.

Changing Perceptions

Maybe one day, consumers can order revolutionary CBD mocktails in bars and restaurants worldwide. For now, Flora Hemp Spirits’ functional alcohol alternatives are sold in nearly 200 retail locations across the US. However, they do ship to all 50 states, and they offer free shipping on orders over $100. If you’re hosting a gathering, having fun alternatives on hand is a great way to show guests that you care—you want them to enjoy themselves, regardless of if they choose to drink alcohol or not. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter!

Adam and Danny hope to see their vision come to life by increasing non-alcoholic options and eliminating the stigma surrounding social cannabinoid usage. Their products have helped many customers eliminate or drastically reduce their alcohol intake. Changing perceptions is their ultimate goal, one drink at a time.

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Gimme A Hi5

They’re happy little cans, aren’t they?

I spotted them the moment I walked into legendary Berkshires dispensary Theory Wellness’ busy Great Barrington, MA location. There, almost as if they were smiling at me, these smartly designed and packaged small cans of joy, had me at hello; well, “hi,” to be precise.

Theory Wellness’ popular flavored cannabis-infused drinks are elevating the seltzer game, no question. One way is alluded to, again, smartly, in the name: The all-natural, gluten-free, hangover-free, zero-calorie concoction actually “works” in five minutes (avoiding the, “I don’t feel anything; I’ll have another” trap). You feel the effects of either the regular (44 mg THC) or light (18 mg THC) offerings fast—Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote fast.

The question is, “How does it do that?” Theory Wellness credits its nano-emulsification process that allows them to bind THC to water (previously not possible since most edibles are fat-soluble), resulting in a faster onset of the effects, which takes the waiting game out of edibles. No wonder they’re flying off the shelves.

Hi5 Lemon is a fast-acting, revolutionary cannabis drink with zero calories.

Within six months of its debut, the dispensary had sold more than 700,000 cans of Hi5 in all six flavors—including two seasonal flavors of pineapple (Summer) and cranberry (Fall)—and they’re also available in 45 dispensaries across Massachusetts.

“The Hi5 brand has been an incredibly fun project,” says Thomas Winstanley, Theory Wellness’ Vice President of Marketing. “A lot of the development happened during COVID where we were longing for interaction, social connection and missing the good times with friends. That comes through on the brand, and I think consumers enjoy it because it’s the perfect product for social consumption as we all begin to reconnect with one another.”

What better way to reconnect than to give (or receive) a Hi5? Hands up, people!

This story was originally published in issue 42 of the print edition of Cannabis Now.

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Enjoy a Buzz Without the Booze This St. Patrick’s Day

Break out the Lucky Charms, salute your shamrock and sing classic folk songs about the “aul country” while wiping away a tear—St. Patrick’s Day is here. If you’re not au fait with the meaning behind the March 17 holiday, here’s a quick Cliff’s Notes version. The day commemorates the famed patron Saint of Ireland, Patrick, who notably brought Christianity to Ireland and, according to legend, drove the snakes out of Ireland.

Even if you’re not from the Emerald Isle by birthright, you can still embrace the Irish spirit and celebrate all things Irish, which basically means drinking Guinness, green beer, or whiskey shooters. But if your vibe is more Emerald Triangle than Emerald Isle, you might want to skip the booze and try a cannabis-infused beverage instead.

The cannabis-infused beverages category is surging: according to Brightfield Group, the THC-infused beverages market will account for $1 billion in US sales by 2025. It’s easy to see why the relatively nascent vertical is experiencing such growth. Infused drinks offer a delicious replacement for alcohol and the associated adverse effects while still having access to the same social experience as popping a few cold ones—without the concern of over-consuming. They bridge the gap between the expected and the unexpected, offering precise doses to give consistent, predictable effects instead of surprise drunkenness. The best part? No hangover.

Whatever your tipple taste preference, be it flavored seltzers, mocktails, or tonics, why not swap for the sauce for these five deliciously effective, effervescent and better-for-you beverages this St Paddy’s Day.

Photo courtesy of Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty: Little Strong Drink

First up, it’s a beverage that really packs a punch. Little in name only, the Little Strong Drink is made from live resin and squeezes 100mg of THC into only 2oz. The preserved terpene profile of the extracts and Concord grapes grown in the Yakima Valley make this deliciously aromatic drink perfect for sipping straight or mixing into other beverages like soda or mocktails. Other ingredients of note include sustainably grown Ashwagandha root, which helps to relieve stress and strengthen adrenal wellness. It’s also free from nasty artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and added sweeteners.

Cannabis-infused beverages
Photo courtesy of Cann Social Tonics

Cann Social Tonics

With a slew of celebrity fans, including Kate Hudson, Rosario Dawson and Gwyneth Paltrow, Cann social tonics offer the perfect dose to get you in the mood for fun, without altering your mind. Cann has relaunched its delicious Ginger Lemongrass seasonal flavor just in time for St Patrick’s Day. With a microdose of 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD to give you a relaxed-yet-sociable buzz plus only 35 calories, Cann’s lightly carbonated beverages are also available in Cranberry Sage, Lemon Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary, and Blood Orange Cardamom flavors and are made with all-natural ingredients.

Flora Hemp Spirits
Photo courtesy of Flora Hemp Spirits

Flora Hemp Spirits

The phrase “drink to good health” takes on a new meaning with Flora Hemp Spirits, the world’s first alcohol-free, cannabinoid-based spirits made using all-natural ingredients while containing zero sugar and zero calories. This innovative range provides a delicious alternative to booze while letting you unwind with a mild buzz. Perfect for the “sober curious,” Flora Spirits are available in three options: Essence (CBD), delta-8, and pre-mixed Passion Fruit “Margarita,” which contains 5MG of delta-8 THC and 10MG of CBD in each can. Simply swap out gin or vodka with Flora’s Essence or delta-8 spirits to create delicious mocktails. 

Cannabis-infused beverages
Photo courtesy of ReCreate


Brought to you by the Stanley Brothers, the Colorado-based family known for their game-changing Charlotte’s Web CBD oil, ReCreate beverages are among the most advanced highs you can buy. The fast-acting formulations include full-spectrum extracts and efficacious botanical adaptogens like Yerba Mate to help uplift your energy levels. There are three flavor options available as a 2.5 mg CBD/2.5 mg THC microdose formula: Blueberry Mint Acai, Cucumber Mint, and Mango Hibiscus. For those wanting a heavier-hitting dose, Cucumber Mint and Mango Hibiscus are available in an extra-strength 10 mg CBD/10 mg THC option that will uplift you in a delicious, refreshing way.

Cannabis-infused beverages
Photo courtesy of Psychedelic Water

Psychedelic Water

Combining a stimulating buzz with a soothing calm to sharpen focus while reducing anxiety, Psychedelic Water is truly perfect for people engaged in creative or stressful work where energy and a positive mentality are essential. The non-alcoholic psychedelic beverage is made from kava, damiana leaf extract and green tea leaf extract, a trio of ingredients chosen to replicate the euphoria-inducing effects of psychedelics without the hallucinations. Available in for Blackberry + Yuzu, Hibiscus + Lime, Oolong + Orange Blossom and Prickly Pear, Psychedelic Water produces a clean and healthy buzz that’s Kosher, non-alcoholic, free of added sugars and low in calories.

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Announcing the High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal: People’s Choice Edition 2023

Earlier this month, we announced the launch of the High Times Cannabis Cup People’s Edition in Michigan, but now we’re hyping up the West Coast for the return of its own People’s Choice Awards! Welcome to the High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal: People’s Choice Edition 2023, a recreational-only competition celebrating some of the best cannabis products in the region.

The SoCal Cannabis Cup was first introduced in 2015, where it thrived as an in-person event between 2015-2019. Back in 2015, strains like Flower Bomb Kush, True OG, and Amnesia Haze were the cream of the crop, and categories like “Best Booth” and “Best Glass” were still commonplace. The pandemic may have put a halt to in-person events, but the People’s Choice has taken the nation by storm, with a People’s Choice competition held for SoCal in both 2020 (with winners announced in 2021) and 2022. In 2021, huge favorites like Biscotti, Gelonade, and Lemon Sponge Cake took first place, among a varied selection of pre-rolls, edibles, and more. Our 2022 SoCal: People’s Choice Edition was one of the biggest cups so far, with winners such as Top Shelf Cultivation’s Whoa Si Whoa, Sense’s Pink Certz Flower, Wizard Trees’s Studio 54, and Team Elite Genetics’s Pearadise Flower—just a few of the amazing strains that won over our judges.

Fast forward to this year’s High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal: People’s Choice Edition 2023, and we’re expecting another exciting collection of products to experience. With that in mind, here’s the schedule for this year: Product submissions will be dropped off at the Moxie Lynwood facility between May 8-10. Then our official intake partner, Moxie, will build the judge kits and then we’ll transport the kits to all participating High Times and Have a Heart retailers. On May 20, judge kits will officially go on sale! Judges will have between May 21 to July 10 to test out their goodies, submitting their thoughts on product differentiators such as aesthetics, aroma/scent, taste/flavor, effects/effectiveness, and so much more.

According to High Times Director of Competitions Mark Kaz, 2021 was a record-breaking year in terms of participation. “Twenty-one Cups, 339 brands, 1,389 batches of entries, all judged by about 15,000 judges who helped crown 249 award-winners for best products in their state,” Kaz said. “Our industry is going through a tough recession, restrictive regulations, and plenty of other woes, but one thing that’s for certain is that people want to find out who has the best weed, and we’re here to help.”

For companies who want to submit products for this year’s competition, please refer to the following rules.

Entry Categories:

  1. Indica Flower (2 entries max per company) 
  2. Sativa Flower (2 entries max per company)  
  3. Hybrid Flower (2 entries max per company) 
  4. Pre-Rolls (2 entries max per company) 
  5. Infused Pre-Rolls (1 entry max per company) 
  6. Solvent Concentrates (2 entries max per company) 
  7. Non-Solvent Concentrates (2 entries max per company) 
  8. Vape Pens & Cartridges (2 entries max per company)
  9. Edibles: Gummies & Fruit Chews (3 entries max per company)
  10. Edibles: Chocolates & Non-Gummies (3 entries max per company)
  11. Edibles: Beverages (2 entries max per company)
  12. Sublinguals, Capsules, Tinctures + Topicals (3 entries max per company)

Entry Requirements:

  • Flower: (228) 1-gram samples. We will not accept any 3.5-gram entries. 
  • Pre-Rolls & Infused Pre-Rolls: (228) samples: Pre-Rolls will be capped at 2g flower-only each; Infused Pre-Rolls will be capped at 3g flower equivalency or 1g concentrate equivalency each.
  • Concentrates & Vape Pens: (228) .5-gram samples. We will not accept any 1-gram entries. Batteries required for Carts.
  • Edibles: (100) samples with 100mg THC max.
  • Beverages: must be a max of 16 fluid ounces, non-glass containers preferred. 
  • Sublinguals, Capsules, Tinctures + Topicals: (60) samples with 500mg THC max

In terms of submission pricing, competitors should note the entry fees depending on how many products they submit. While one entry is $250, and two entries is $100 per entry (both non-refundable), submissions of three or more entries is a $100 refundable deposit per entry held, which is refunded when all entries are successfully submitted. Finally, if you’d like to sponsor this year’s High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal: People’s Choice Edition 2023 then all entry fees are waived. We also offer multiple tiers of sponsorship, including General, Bronze, Silver, and Presenting Sponsorships.

That sums up the details of our event this year but check out our High Times Cannabis Cup website to view all of the details.

A special thank you to:

Moxie – Official Intake Partner

Have a Heart – Official Retailer Partner

High Times Dispensaries – Official Retailer Partner

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Phoenix Fizz: The Ultimate Canna Mocktail

All it takes is four steps. You’re only four steps away from making a Rick Simpson Oil-infused syrup that you’ll want to keep on hand to easily make cannabis beverages at home. No alcohol, no fuss, and you have total control over dosage and ingredients. Sounds pretty great, no?

RSO in the Kitchen

If you’re looking for a potent, relatively inexpensive, full-spectrum extract to incorporate in the kitchen, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is the perfect choice. It has a concentrated cannabis-flower taste that adds depth and bitterness to a drink or dish (it even boasts a floral sweetness, depending on the strain), with a powerful dosage that’s convenient to work with when making therapeutic foods.

Rick Simpson Oil/RSO replaces alcohol in this delicious cannabis mocktail.

What’s RSO?

Rick Simpson Oil/RSO is a super-concentrated cannabis oil that’s also full spectrum, meaning it contains all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids of the plant. It’s made with a high-octane solvent, such as ethanol, then left unrefined beyond extraction, resulting in a high percentage of original chemical compounds and chlorophyll left in the final product.

Heat gently applied during the extraction process burns off the solvent and decarboxylates the cannabinoids, so the oil is ready to be applied as a potent topical or eaten as-is. The catch: It tastes terrible. However, this actually makes it ideal for infusing foods that make the most of its fiercely bitter, herbal flavors, and allows for the creation of heavy-hitting edibles that fully maximize the entourage effect (the idea that the specific chemical compounds and oils found naturally in cannabis strains are amplified in strength when left together).

Who’s Rick Simpson?

The eponymous creator and advocate of the dark, sticky cannabis oil recommends making the extract from your own plants so you know precisely what has and hasn’t gone into the final product. He first published his DIY recipe for Rick Simpson Oil—a name first coined by Jack Herer—on the internet in 2004. Simpson himself poetically calls the oil “Phoenix Tears” and has never patented his method, ensuring the information remains freely available to literally anyone who wants it.

For years, he made RSO personally from his home grow and gave it away for medicinal use, but a 2009 raid by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police put a full and final stop to that effort. He and his wife Danijela now live in Croatia, where they continue to be tremendous cannabis activists and educators, despite Simpson suffering a paralyzing stroke in 2018. They currently sell the authoritative books on RSO from their website and offer instructions on how to produce the oil.

Phoenix Fizz
The finished Phoenix Fizz.

Phoenix Fizz


  • 1-gram RSO*
  • 1/8 tsp. Liquid Sunflower Lecithin** (found in health food stores or online; do not sub powder)
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 2 cups Water
  • Sparkling Water
  • Ice


  • Glass Stirrer/Rod
  • Immersion or High-speed Blender
  • Heavy-bottomed Saucepan


Change the math to correlate to your specific percentages of THC or CBD in your RSO, but as an example: The average RSO contains about 60-80% THC per gram. So, if the gram of RSO used in this recipe had 60% THC, it would come out to 600mg THC in the final bottle of syrup. Divide that total by the number of servings (which in this case is 19), so 19 servings equal roughly 30mg per drink.

* Learn to make your own RSO.

**Liquid sunflower lecithin is the key to creating a stable suspension of oil in liquid/emulsification here, accept no substitutes.

RSO-infused Simple Syrup

1. Bring water to a boil in the saucepan;

2. Turn off heat and whisk sugar into the hot water until sugar is dissolved completely;

3. Let cool slightly, then carefully pour the syrup into a heat-tolerant container safe for blending with an immersion blender. If using a high-speed blender, pour into the blender pitcher;

4. Blend RSO and 1/8th tsp. of liquid sunflower lecithin into the hot syrup until most of the oil specks dissolve. If the oil specks remain stubborn, you can add it back to the saucepan and heat it slightly (the gentlest warmth and stirring should do the trick);

5. Once hot, it’ll foam like crazy which means the sunflower lecithin is creating a stable suspension/emulsion;

6. Scrape down the oil that sticks to the sides of the container as you blend;

7. When most of the oil specks have dissipated, use the glass stirring rod to break up the foam;

8. Let the syrup cool fully. Label clearly as containing cannabis and at what dosage

Big Finish

1. Put ice in a Collins or rocks glass;

2. Fill the glass with sparkling water;

3. Top with 1 oz. RSO-infused simple syrup;

4. Garnish and enjoy

This story was originally published in the print edition of Cannabis Now.

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How to Make Quick and Easy Cannabis Tea

Cannabis can be consumed in a variety of ways, and sometimes vaping or smoking just isn’t the ideal method of choice. Perhaps you don’t want that harsh feeling on your throat or quick high. Sometimes a warm beverage is actually what you need. Why not make a quick and easy cannabis tea?

As the days get colder and winter comes, there is nothing like combining the two in one epic drink to really warm yourself up. There are many benefits to cannabis tea, and with this quick and easy recipe, you can enjoy them all yourself. So, if you’re feeling adventurous today, why not give it a go? 

Benefits of Cannabis Tea

Why bother making cannabis tea? Many weed-lovers may not understand the point in spending a little longer preparing a hot THC beverage, when they can just roll a joint or pack up their vape for a hit. The truth is, there are many benefits of making cannabis tea and the time it takes – which isn’t that much at all in the grand scheme of things – can be extremely worth it.


Like with any edible, the high can take longer to come – perhaps up to 1 hour or a little longer. However, once it comes, this high will last a lot longer than the average joint or vape. You will likely be comfortably stoned for up to 4-6 hours. This is perfect if you’re about to embark on a day that you’d like to be high for. You won’t need a top up for a while. Cannabis tea is long-lasting. 

No Smell

Another huge benefit of cannabis tea is its discretion. Unlike a joint, you will not be left with your body and clothes stinking of smoke and cannabis. You are simply drinking a hot beverage, no undesired scents will linger. This is a huge positive if you’re going somewhere that requires you to be discreet with your weed use. But even if that is not the case, it’s always nice to avoid the smell of smoke. 


The flavour of cannabis tea is up to you. You can choose the tea bag of your choice, as well as adding any additional ingredients too, to ensure your tea is the tastiest it can be. There’s no unwanted smoke flavour. In addition, the terpene flavours of your cannabis strain will be far more recognisable in the tea, due to its boiling point. You may be surprised to taste that your lemon haze actually has scents of lemon. 


The most obvious benefit of cannabis tea is its benefits on your health. Inhaling cannabis is by far the most dangerous method of consumption. Smoking triggers the process of combustion, which causes dangerous toxins and cancerous carcinogens to enter the body. This damages the lungs and major organs. On the flip side, cannabis tea does not do this. It allows the substance to enter the body without damaging the lungs. If you suffer from anxiety or specific mental health issues, the slow release of weed tea could be the perfect remedy


Whenever you’re making cannabis edibles or cannabis drinks, it’s important to remember the process of decarboxylation. There are a large number of people who have eaten a dry cannabis bud raw and wondered why that has not got them stoned. Well, the answer is, decarboxylation. Weed needs to be heated in order for its effects to be unlocked. This is how the THCA becomes the THC. By heating the cannabis, the psychoactive components are unlocked. This happens when it’s smoked, vaped, cooked or boiled. Before any edible is made, the cannabis will be heated. Without this, no high. 


This recipe will make around 3-4 cups of tea. 1 should be the perfect amount per person. Therefore, it’s ideal for sharing with friends or, if you’re in for a really big one, a long day in stoned-city. Before you put the tea bag of your choice in, the water will taste slightly like cannabis. This is normal and unavoidable. Therefore, find the right tea bag that balances the flavours out. Many go for breakfast tea, whereas others may go for a lemon and ginger. Experiment to see what you prefer. It might even be worth pouring out 4 teas with varying bags to see which tickles your fancy. 

What You Need

Feel free to mess around with amounts if you want to make more.

  • 1 gram of cannabis 
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 1 tea bag
  • 4 cups of water 
  • Potential additions: honey, sugar, cinnamon, milk, berries or basically anything you want. 

How To Make

Step 1 – Hype Yourself Up 

First things first, you’re about to make some awesome cannabis tea so get ready. Put some music on, or a podcast, or silence, basically whatever you need to have a great time. Then make sure you have all of your ingredients in front of you and ready to go. Let’s do this. 

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Step 2 – Cannabis Separation

Get yourself a decent sized pan or pot – something that you’d usually boil pasta or rice in should be fine. Then you’re going to pour 4 tea cups of water into the pan and begin the boiling process. Once the water starts bubbling, you can add your butter. Wait until this dissolves and then you can add your cannabis. Don’t feel too stressed about grinding the bud, although the more even the pieces are the quicker and easier it will decarboxylate. Once the weed is in, turn down the heat to a simmer and leave for as long as you can wait. 15 minutes will do, but some prefer to give it more time as it will enhance the flavours from the terpenes and the potency of the cannabinoids. 

Step 3 – It’s Straining Time

Now if you look into your boiling mixture, you will see quite a bit of floating cannabis pieces. Not to worry, we’re about to get rid of these. When you’ve turned off the heat, you can grab a tea pot. Using a plate carefully placed on the top of the pan, slowly pour the water into the teapot, ensuring that the cannabis pieces do not slide past. This is again another reason why you don’t want to grind your cannabis too thin at the beginning. You can of course use a pasta strainer instead of a plate, but this may allow some cannabis to go through undetected. It’s really up to you and how much you care about loose buds in your beverage. You should now have a full batch of cannabis tea in a teapot. 

Step 4 – Teabag Time

This part is very much up to you. For ease, you can place your teabag of choice in the pot and wait for 5 minutes for it to add flavour. Alternatively, you can pour out four separate mugs of tea and add whichever tea bag everyone wants and do the same. It all depends on which tea bag or tea bags you prefer. This would also be a prime moment to add any additional accessories that you may want. Honey? Mint? Lemon? Sugar? Now’s your chance to really make this cannabis tea the best darn thing you’ve ever tasted. Remember, there will be a natural hint of cannabis within it, so ensure to add additions that go well with this innate flavouring. Once the tea bag has worked its magic, you can take it out and serve. 

Step 5 – Enjoy

Now you should have a mug of beautiful and warm cannabis tea in your hands. The next step is simple: enjoy it. Like with any edible, it can take around 1 hour to feel its effects so be patient. Going out of your way to make cannabis tea is an art form, and it deserves the time to be properly appreciated. There are many ways of doing this. You can go for a little stroll outside and idle at the wonderful world of nature. You can sit somewhere comfortable and ooze in cosiness. You can watch something funny and laugh your head off. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to leave the time to smile. Well done. 


If you’re new to the world of cannabis tea then definitely give it a go. It might take a little longer than rolling a joint, but the overall benefits are something you may never have experienced. Cannabis can be enjoyed in a variety of ways – why not try a new method?

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