Cannabis-Related Decor for any Toker

In my travels around the internet, I’ve found some fascinating cannabis-related decor pieces that would shine in the most out and proud smokers’ house or fit with the more subtle touches of a low-key toker.

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Episode 362 – The Mainstream March of Marijuana

Andrea Brooks and Natalie Fertig join host Heather Sullivan to talk about the recent moves towards more cannabis normalization by the NFL, Amazon, and Rolling Stone as well as the various routes states are taking to legalize marijuana. Produced by Shea Gunther.

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Potential Amazon Employees Will No Longer Be Disqualified for Marijuana Use

In addition to some other internal changes, Amazon CEO announced that they will be dropping their policy of using marijuana as a disqualifying factor for potential employees.

The move, Amazon said, is aimed at reiterating the “company’s commitment to being an attractive employer.”

In a blog post, Dave Clark, CEO of Amazon’s worldwide consumer division, said changing state laws on marijuana meant Amazon (AMZN) will no longer include the substance in the company’s pre-employment drug tests and that the drug will now be treated the same as alcohol for existing employees.

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“In the past, like many employers, we’ve disqualified people from working at Amazon if they tested positive for marijuana use,” stated the blog post. “However, given where state laws are moving across the U.S., we’ve changed course. We will no longer include marijuana in our comprehensive drug screening program for any positions not regulated by the Department of Transportation…”

The post went on to mention that the company “will instead treat it [marijuana use] the same as alcohol use. We will continue to do impairment checks on the job and will test for all drugs and alcohol after any incident.”

Keep in mind that marijuana stays in your system for much longer than alcohol. Nanotechnology breathaizlyer tests do exists, but they are not yet in widespread use. However, the sensors on these devices can detect THC levels on molecules 100,000 times smaller than the average human hair, so they are highly efficient.

Currently, no legal threshold has been established when it comes cannabis impairment while driving (think 0.8% BAC), but employers are free to set their own limits. So, although cannabis use won’t bar you from employment, initially, it can still get you fired should an accident occur later on.

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Friday, December 6, 2019 Headlines | Marijuana Today Daily News

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, December 6, 2019 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// After long wait, Maine to issue applications for 1st marijuana stores (Portland Press Herald)

// Police shouldn’t ticket pot smokers in backyards or on balconies, Lightfoot says (Chicago Sun Times)

// Cory Booker’s Marijuana Agenda Highlighted In Three Super PAC Ads (Marijuana Moment)

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// Cheap weed sells: Ontarians flock to OCS for $5 grams (Leafly)

// Canadian provinces erect barriers for regulated cannabis vape market (Marijuana Business Daily)

// New Colorado law boon for cannabis capital, but concerns remain for minority businesses (Marijuana Business Daily)

// L.A.’s Cannabis Cafe Is Rebranding and Parting Ways with Lowell Herb Co. (LA Magazine)

// PA Judge Rules That Healthcare Worker Can Sue Employers for Being Fired Over Pot (Merry Jane)

// Amazon Allegedly Fired and Blacklisted a Worker for Using Medical Cannabis (Vice)

// Willie Nelson Will ‘Never Stop Enjoying’ Marijuana Despite Quitting Smoking, Son Says (Marijuana Moment)

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New Jersey Man Sues Amazon For Firing Him Over Medical Marijuana Use

A New Jersey man filed a lawsuit in October against his employer Amazon for allegedly firing him after not advising his superiors of his medical marijuana treatment. The man, who has been publicly identified only as D.J.C., failed a random drug test in July, and was put on temporary paid leave. After supplying the documentation of his condition that the company asked for, he was officially terminated.

That decision may well put Amazon on the wrong side of New Jersey law. Though an appeal will be heard by the Supreme Court, a state appeals court has ruled that medical marijuana patients may not be fired if they flunk a drug test.

D.J.C.’s lawsuit holds that the company discriminated against him in a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

He had been employed at the Edison, New Jersey Amazon warehouse since February 2017, and according to his lawsuit had never run into disciplinary problems at the company—to the contrary, he was promoted twice during the year that he was employed by the company. In July 2018, he did a random oral fluid test for drugs, and tested positive for marijuana.

D.J.C. says he was prescribed cannabis to help treat his anxiety and panic disorder.

Mixed Messages

The employee remembers being told that, should results come back positive, he would have an opportunity to send proper documentation of his reasons for needing the substance for medical treatment.

He did get the opportunity, but not before a human resources worker told him he was being fired based on his positive test results. D.J.C. showed the HR rep his New Jersey medical marijuana card, and the termination was changed to a temporary leave with pay, pending the presentation of his physician’s certification of his fitness for work.

Though the man turned in the requested paperwork two days later, a week after the start of his “temporary” leave, in August 2018 he was told he was being fired for not letting the company know in advance about his medical cannabis treatment.

When he later applied to work at Whole Foods, the man was informed that his termination from Amazon precluded him from being considered for the position.

This is not the first time an employee has sued Amazon for wrongful termination over use of medical marijuana. In 2016, the company fired a woman who had worked for the company for eight years. It wound up settling with her for an undisclosed sum.

Amazon has come under fire for its treatment of its employees, from unreasonable task schedules to indifference in the face of workplace injuries. In October, 1,800 Amazon workers from the United States, England, Australia, and other locations organized a global walk-out, one sign of the growing labor movement within its ranks.

Regardless, the company continues its astounding upward trajectory. A recent report said that the value of Amazon shares has quintupled over the past five years, and that executives expect third quarter sales to rise by 24 percent.

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Amazon’s No. 1 Hemp Bestseller contains CBD despite a No CBD sale policy

Amazon controls nearly 40% of all e-commerce in the United States and conducts more consumer searches than Google. Its official policy prohibits the sale of hemp products containing CBD/cannabinoid, but search the term “CBD” in Amazon’s search engine and more than 10,000 products will match your request. Dedicated to empowering conscious consumer choices with natural and organic […]

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What to Stream on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon this October While Lit

Hey hey, it’s finally “Octoner” (that’s October for stoners, in case you hadn’t heard), which, for this stoner, means taking every possible opportunity to blaze it and watch horror movies throughout the month. For those less inclined to oversaturate their nights with hazy visions of psychedelic terror, October may just be a time for slightly spookier or more adventurous stoned streaming habits. 

In any case, this month’s list of what to stream while lit offers an even mix of spooky shit to elevate your Octoner haze and reliable favorites to keep things breezy. 

Speaking of reliable favorites, last month we asked our followers what you love to stream while high in our Instagram stories. The question produced several popular answers, some that surprised us and others that felt inevitable (spoiler alert … several Adult Swim shows were mentioned more than once). Wanna see three of the top picks? Keep scrolling once you get to the bottom of this month’s what-to-stream list for the big reveal. 

‘Undone’ — Amazon Prime

What is it?

A new Amazon series about a woman (Rosa Salazar) who gets in a car accident and becomes untethered from time and space, which enables her to explore the mystery of the death of her father (Bob Odenkirk). 

Why Watch High?

The first thing you’ll notice about “Undone” is it’s trippy, stupefying rotoscope animation. Rotoscope is an animation technique characterized by tracing animation over live-action footage, iconically used by filmmaker Ralph Bakshi for cult films like “The Lord of the Rings,” Fire and Ice,” and “American Pop” (fantastic high-watches all of them), and more recently used to great effect by director Richard Linklater for the films “Waking Life” and “A Scanner Darkly.” There’s just something about rotoscope animation that makes it an uncanny and endlessly engaging visual accompaniment to a sensorily attuned head high. 

When and Where to Watch

“Undone” is now streaming on Amazon Prime. It premiered last month, but we didn’t include it in the last list and didn’t want to let another month go by without urging everyone to toke up and watch this thing. 

‘Robot Carnival’ — Amazon Prime

What is it?

A 1987 sci-fi anime anthology film, with vignettes from different artists, all centered in some way or another around robotic companions, enemies, and invaders (as the title suggests). Think of it as the OG Netflix’s “Love, Death, and Robots.” 

Why Watch High?

I discovered this gem while getting baked one evening and perusing the animation tab of Amazon Prime, and since our impromptu survey of your lit-viewing habits showed a strong communal hunger for trippy animation, I knew I had to get the word out about the hazy cyberpunk pleasures of “Robot Carnival.”

When and Where to Watch

“Robot Carnival” is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime. And should you decide you enjoy blazing it and watching trippy sci-fi anime, check out other entries in Amazon Prime’s hidden treasure trove of weird gems, including “Space Adventure Cobra” and “Galaxy Express 999.” 

‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch’ — HBO

What is it?

The third entry in the original “Halloween” franchise, and the only film not to feature the iconic mask-wearing, knife-toting “shape” that is Michael Myers. 

Why Watch High?

Originally meant to take the franchise away from Michael Myers and into anthology territory, introducing a new Halloween-themed story with each entry, Halloween III is an ’80s camp-horror romp that has only recently garnered the appreciation it deserves as the immensely enjoyable black sheep of its parent film series. Do a fat dab or roll a fatty with your most reliable sativa strain and enjoy “Halloween III” while riding the waves of a thrilling head high. 

When and Where to Watch

“Halloween III: Season of the Witch” is now streaming on HBONow. And, FYI, so is 1981’s “Halloween II,” my personal favorite Michael Myers “adventure.” Get stoned and add both these classic horror sequels to your spooky season streaming list … if you dare

‘Blade’ and ‘Blade II’ — Hulu

What is it?

The cult classic Marvel sci-fi/action/horror films starring Wesley Snipes as the titular vampire hunter.

Why Watch High?

If you’re looking for something fun, action-packed, and cartoonishly bloody to watch while nursing a well-packed bowl this Halloween, the “Blade” movies have certainly aged into being well suited for the task. 

In “Blade II,” fans of director Guillermo Del Toro’s work on the “Hellboy” movies will revel in the director’s signature spooky style and creature-feature obsessions. In both “Blade” movies, the cool, campy look of early 2000s CGI in a movie shot on film will be a real visual treat if you’re in the right state of mind, and by right state of mind, I mean after some heavy bong rips of a reliable Indica-leaning strain. 

When and Where to Watch

“Blade” and “Blade II” both are set to stream on Hulu Oct. 1, 2019. 

‘Big Mouth’ Season 3 — Netflix

What is it?

The new season of Netflix’s breakout animated comedy about tweens and the physical changes that rule them. 

Why Watch High?

“Big Mouth” was one of the major contenders in your responses, so I know I don’t need to sell you on rolling a j and streaming this absurd, and often ludicrously surreal work of well-earned laughs and animation. 

When and Where to Watch

The third season of “Big Mouth” premieres on Netflix October 4, 2019. 

‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ — Netflix

What is it?

The long-rumored, and eagerly anticipated movie follow-up to “Breaking Bad,” taking up right where the now-legendary series left off and following the future of Jesse Pinkman. 

Why Watch High?

Listen, we know all you connoisseurs of “Peak TV” are gonna show up for this one. And if you’re one of our readers, it’ll probably be in your repertoire of stuff to stream while nursing a slow evening high anyway. 

When and Where to Watch

“El Camino” premieres on Netflix October 11, 2019. 

‘Free Fire’ — Netflix

What is it?

A criminally underrated indie crime flick from 2017, with an ensemble cast (including Brie Larson, Armie Hammer, and Cillian Murphy) of criminals who get embroiled in a feature-length warehouse shoot-out after a black-market arms deal goes awry. 

Why Watch High?

Equal parts snappy-Scorsesean crime flick and postmodern genre-twisting indie sleeper, “Free Fire” is a strange, violent, dialogue-heavy dark comedy with twists and turns you’re sure to enjoy, or at least find morbidly amusing, on your next lit evening at home. Plus, the ’70s-era costume design is fire.  

When and Where to Watch

Free Fire is set to stream on Netflix Oct. 22, 2019. 

‘Silicon Valley’ Season 6 — HBO

What is it?

The final season of the hit Mike Judge comedy about a group of Silicon Valley engineers just trying to “make the world a better place” one gruelingly absurd tech merger at a time.  

Why Watch High?

Throughout the entirety of its run, “Silicon Valley” has never been short on laughs. If the show has already been a staple of your Sunday night HBO-toke-and-chill seshes over the years, no sense in giving up on it now. 

When and Where to Watch

“Silicon Valley” ’s final season debuts its first episode on HBO Oct. 27, 2019. 

Here’s What You Love to Stream While Blazing It

As promised, here are three of your go-to picks to stream while lit. 

‘Rick and Morty

You probably could have guessed this one. Of all the animated comedies thrown around in our poll responses, “Rick and Morty” reigned supreme. Despite the show’s unfortunate reputation for gaining an increasingly toxic core fanbase, the show’s messy, psychedelic animation, stoner space-time “what if” metaphysical ponderings, and delightfully granular, off-the-cuff humor clearly make it the ultimate high-watch among modern tokers. 

‘Tiny House Nation

Much to our surprise, it turns out y’all really ride for “Tiny House Nation.” Currently on Netflix, the series corners the tiny home movement of the home renovation show market. Having never experienced the joys of “Tiny House Nation” while high, I took the opportunity to spark up and watch a few episodes so I could understand what the fuss was all about. And though the show won’t be taking the place of my high-horror or sci-fi binges anytime soon, I certainly felt the charming effects of familiar home-renovation-show beats and surprising visual pleasures of exploring every nook and cranny of a tiny home through a comfortable couch-lock haze. 

‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ 

Turns out many of you share my affinity for high-anime, as “Neon Genesis Evangelion” — the iconic anime franchise that a legion of newcomers continue to discover on Netflix — is a staple of the stoner’s high-streaming repertoire. An intoxicating combination of eye-popping anime art and action with an esoteric mix of religious and mythological references make “Neon Genesis Evangelion” a piece of entertainment that stoners will likely keep turning each other onto as long as the series has a home on major streaming platforms. 

Feature image: Fire up your streaming services, and your favorite joint, blunt, bong, dab, or whatever, for some scary or just scary-good films and series this Octoner. What is Octoner? October + stoner. Get it? (John Tuesday/Unsplash)

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Amazon Removes Vape Packaging Following Vaping Hospitalizations and Deaths

Without making an announcement or statement of any kind, online retail giant Amazon has removed a range of products for assembling and packaging THC vape cartridges. Such products, which include everything from branded boxes and labels to warning stickers and compliance tabs, are often used to produce counterfeit vape cartridges for the unlicensed cannabis market. Often, the materials are so exact that it would be impossible for the average buyer to tell the difference between an untested counterfeit and a regulated, tested cartridge. Amazon hasn’t explained the move. But the company’s decision to remove the vape products comes as the U.S. is reeling from a string of vape-linked hospitalizations and deaths.

Counterfeit Vape Packaging and Labels No Longer Available on Amazon

If someone were in the business of manufacturing fake THC cartridges, they’d find everything they need on Amazon—except the cannabis extract itself. Everything from the oven to the empty cartridge and the propylene glycol to fill it with, along with the brand-name packaging, labelling and state-specific warnings and codes, could be had cheap, and most of it on Prime.

But in the midst of a rash of a mysterious vape-related lung illness and six deaths, Amazon has quietly moved to alter at least some of its vape product offerings. A search for “empty 510 cartridge bulk” still turns up 223 results, while one for “propylene glycol for vaping” spits back 142. But try to find vape cartridge packages, like those sporting DANK or Exotic Carts branding, and the search comes up empty. Amazon hasn’t removed all of the materials needed to manufacture fake vape cartridges, but it has taken down the products that can make them pass as authentic on the illicit market.

A closer look at Amazon’s products offerings in the weed packaging and labelling department shows that the company is being selective when it comes to the cannabis product labels it’s removing. For example, there are still plenty of options for California compliance labels, medical cannabis labels and other packaging products for flower and concentrates. From the looks of it, many of those products are moving fast, as if buyers are trying to stock up in case the product removals expand. But packages and labels that pertain specifically to vape cartridges are no longer available.

Unregulated Cannabis Oil Poses Serious Health Risks

Public health authorities in the U.S. are still scrambling to determine an exact cause of the six deaths and hundreds of cases of vape-linked lung illnesses affecting individuals all over the country in recent months. But major questions remain. Health officials have so far linked at least two deaths and many of the lung illness cases to the consumption of illicit THC cartridges. Yet there are a significant number of cases which point to nicotine vape products like e-cigarettes. So far, experts suspect vitamin E acetate, a diluting substance common to both nicotine and cannabis vape products, may be to blame.

At the moment, nothing is conclusive. But it increasingly seems that counterfeit, unregulated and untested THC vape cartridges may pose the highest risk. Unless cannabis consumers purchase from a licensed retailer selling regulated cannabis products, it is virtually impossible to be certain about what a vape cartridge contains. Unregulated extracts and concentrates can contain contaminants that pose significant health risks.

But licensed products might not be completely safe either. The cartridge that led to the death in Oregon was obtained at a licensed recreational cannabis retailer. Concerns about the actual cannabis oil aside, there is hardly any research and regulation on the additives used to cut the oil or the safety of the materials in the vape cartridge and oven itself.

As health officials work to find an answer, policymakers at all levels of government are taking action. On Sept. 11, President Trump held a meeting with Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration to discuss possible courses of action. After the meeting, the Trump administration said that the FDA would move to ban the sale of most flavored e-cigarettes. Details about the ban are still emerging.

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