Jon’s Stone Cold Cop List #31: MJBizCon finds… only kidding. They didn’t even have weed there.

Well I missed November, but it’s been a crazy month so bear with me. This one’s stacked with all the gems I found during Biz Con… only kidding. The best part about that event was our afterparty with Meth & Red at Brooklyn Bowl, and that wasn’t even official. Y’all know we know how to get down, even at a suit conference. Worth noting that our event and Jimi’s Heat Quest were the only two events I enjoyed period, so we’ll see if I’ll even do the Vegas marathon again next year. I do hope all your time in Vegas was all you hoped it’d be, but it seems apparent the industry is less and less hyped for this one every year. 

But this train doesn’t stop! I’m writing this on a plane to Taipei, en route to my final destination of Bankok, Thailand. Rolling out to check the newly legalized scene with my buds Jimi Devine and the High Rise gang, so you know there’s going to be a ton of transmissions from the road. Hopefully we don’t end up in an South East Asian prison. Only time will tell! 

If you can’t wait until the next edition to hear how it went, follow along with our antics on IG or Twitter. And as always, feel free to ping me and bitch about what I missed, or what should be on the next one!

Green Dawg’s Maracuya

Courtesy of Green Dawg

I’m constantly hunting for ‘out of the ordinary’ flavors, and boy did Green Dawg hit me right in the strike pocket with this one. To start, this sweet yet musky cut is like, repulsively attractive. You know what they say about cologne needing some funk? This one’s allll over that vibe. And while a lot of brands have figured out tips and tricks to inflate the smell of their goods to potential consumers, you know they’re doing it the right way when you can actually taste the flavor on your tongue. Plus, it’s a Green Dawg strain – which means it’s not even trying to play the hype game, they’re just focused on producing really, really good weed that they themselves want to smoke. The ultimate QC process!

Portal Gummies

cop list
Courtesy of Portal Gummies

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already seen these on my story a few weeks ago, but now that I’ve had some time to do my research I’m pleased to inform you all that they’re so much more than MDMA gummies. While those were dope, and I certainly enjoyed myself, this is only the tip of the iceberg for this team. Also producing both micro and macro LSD gummies, a combination Mushroom & Molly chocolate bars, and DMT both in vape and it’s natural forms, I have no idea how these guys are getting away with this but the drugs are legit so tap in with the gang to get way out there!

Doja Pak’s Giraffe Puzzy

cop list
Courtesy of Doja Pak

I talk about how Doja’s crushing quite a bit, and I get it annoys some people looking for new names, but the truth is, once you see this next cut you won’t care about the other guys. The Giraffe Puzzy (a project the team has been working for years) is truly the one. With a flavor reminiscent of Chem, this bright green bud feels like a lost classic reinvigorated with todays tech. Not only that, but it will get you the perfect level of insanely high, and yet not slow you down. Y’all know I like the daytime steeze. Also worth mentioning their General Purpose pre-rolls. I grabbed one for the first time before Thanksgiving and I’ve gotta say – this is how pre-rolls should be. Three grams of all flower, and it smokes perfectly. They’re also blends of the gang’s favorite mixes – mine was Purp Dino x Stardawg 41 x Giraffe Puzzy, and it was the ultimate experience.

Talking Terps’ Terp Crawford Cases

Courtesy of Talking Terps

Y’all know the Terps are my people, and while I do my best not to include every drop they do, there is so much heat coming out of that camp that it’s hard to go too many lists without including the gang. Now, we know the Terps like high end, and that not every product they release will be in every fan’s budget, and this is likely one of those – but man, just look at how dope they are! Made in Silver, Bronze and Brass, these iconic lighter cases feature TC’s likeness carved into the metals (as well as the classic TT logo emblazoned on the back). And while they might be pricey, it seems like a small price to pay to ensure your lighter always finds its way back to you! They’ve got a gang of other shit out rn too if you’re holiday shopping and don’t want to break the bank, tap in with the boys!

Snowtill’s Piescream

cop list
Grown by Snowtill, shot by Ginja Club

I’ve included Snowtill here before as more of a brand profile, but this time I’ve gotta call out a specific cut he’s been working on. To put it simply: ST’s Piescream is one of the most interesting cultivars I’ve tried recently. It’s got this like gassy and sweet nose, but what blew my mind is the bud has this like grease to it that’s incredible. Normal buds just make your fingers sticky – this provides almost a liquid residue on your fingers that eventually dry out to the stick we all know and love, but it’s clear this plant was finished properly, so I’m looking at this as an advancement in his capabilities. I’ve never seen anything like this before, and the almost lime flavoring on the inhale sort of numbs the mouth. Joe’s onto something special.

Cali-X’s Dole Whip

cop list
Courtesy of Cali-X

You likely already know I’m a big Dole Whip fan, but what Cali-X has managed to do with the cultivar has really taken it to the next level. Definitely the first time I’ve seen it in rosin form, but the flavor will smack you as soon as you crack the jar. While maintaining the pineapple sweetness, Cali’s version of it presents with a far stronger gas aroma than I’ve seen in the past. Not to mention it’s got an excellent cerebral effect that’s perfect for going down a deep rabbit hole, or melting into your couch with a good book.

Mike Glazer’s After Party at the Comedy Store

Courtesy of Mike Glazer

There are very few people I love as much in this industry and our adjacent communities than Mike Glazer. The host of ‘Glazed’, the pre-pandemic variety show at the Hollywood Improv Lab, was my favorite show in L.A. before all that COVID madness fucked our lives up. That said, ya boy is back with another instant classic that I had so much fun at I need you all to know too. Including insanely talented comedians like Neal Brennan, Ali Mac & Frank Castillo, Glazer’s show always has bells and whistles you can’t possibly expect, so you never know exactly what you’re in for, but let me promise you this: you won’t be disappointed you went. I believe the word on the street is there’s another coming before the end of year so keep an eye on his Instagram – you’re definitely not going to want to miss these!


Courtesy of Lemonskrill

While this is presumably a new name for many of us, you’re going to recognize the flavor of Skrillmo’s most recent project, Lemonskrill. Akin to Lemon Up, with that same almost sour lemon pungency, Skrillmo has dialed this one in in a classic, yet refreshingly new way. We’ve been chatting online awhile and I’ve got to say, the first taste he provided was certainly a head-turner. Plus, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention his marketing is creative, attractive, and you can fit way more than an eighth in the mylar if you feel like taking it on the road!

The Liz

Courtesy of Squints x Foreign Genetics x Westside Gunn

This next one’s a collaboration between Squints, Foreign Genetics and Westside Gunn, and it smaaaacks! I know anytime we hear a celebrity’s name at this stage in the game it’s almost an instant tune out for most of us, but this feels more like a real play than an influencer grift. Squints ain’t no buster. In fact, I’ve been saying for a minute that what Foreign Genetics is doing is impressive, and this certainly continues the legacy. The dark buds have a perfumated nose, with an almost cheesy undertone, but it’s the attractive die cut mylar shaped like a woman’s bust with a third eye that makes it the complete package. And so as not to go too over the top on the celebrity angle, the only mention of Gunn comes from the scorpion pattern utilized in the bottom gusset. Honestly, it’s hard to knock.

GT Rolling

Courtesy of GT Rolling

I’ve talked a lot about professional rollers lately, but something about what GT is doing is taking the experience to the next level. As I always mention, the flower is the most important part of the pre-roll, and every roll I’ve seen from GT smokes like it was just finished curing. Even better, they’ve got some of the most creative ways of promoting their products on Instagram. Hailing from the Mitten, ALL the flavor and terps you’d expect from any strain these guys are working with will be as vibrant as you’d expect had you rolled it yourself. Even better – while I prefer flower cannons over hash holes, his other brand, FlintStoned, can satisfy those needs for you as well! If you’re in Michigan tap in with the boys!

Bonus: These Crazy Skittles

Courtesy of Trap Mart

So y’all know I like exotics, especially of the soda and candy variety, and boy have I got a killer for you this time. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what they’re called because it’s written in another language, but I am happy to describe them to you. Have you had the Skittles Cloudz yet? They’re like a cross between a marshmallow and a gummy, and frankly they’re excellent on their own. However, whatever these new guys are take things up a notch. While the Cloudz are more marshmallow than gummy, these new jawns flip the script and honestly, it’s a way better format. Cards on the table I bought them because they had a lil sticker in the corner that had a cherry on it with some writing I couldn’t understand. I still don’t know what it means bc I didn’t taste any cherry flavors, but would 1000% buy again.

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Cash Only’s 420 Recs: Noah Rubin, Author of ‘How We Roll: The Art and Culture of Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs’

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Noah Rubin is pretty much the big brother I never had. A little over five years ago, he hired me as an editor at Merry Jane. We quickly discovered that we were coincidentally from the same rural town in Massachusetts, as well as some of the only jews hailing from the small community. We went to the same college (though at different times; Noah is 13 years my senior), we both cut our teeth professionally at record labels and print magazines, and—most importantly—we both really like weed. Yes, it was kush kismet that the guy became one of my closest pals and regular collaborators.

While Noah and I have both moved on from Merry Jane, he’s kept his THC ties fully ablaze and just dropped a marijuana magnum opus. His book How We Roll: The Art and Culture of Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs, out now via Chronicle Books, is required reading for seasoned tokers and the cannabis curious alike. It may very well be the first in-depth text that explores one of the most foundational aspects of weed culture (CONSUMPTION methods!), and it elegantly mixes tutorials and history alongside interviews, epic stories from iconic smokers like Snoop and Tommy Chong, do’s and don’ts, illustrated guides, and much, much more.

I’m proud of my boy, and not surprised that the text is flying off shelves and making waves in the world of printed matter. Noah is also promoting How We Roll in a nuanced way by offering rolling tutorials at music festivals across the country, on top of pop-ups and activations at weed-friendly establishments that aren’t distinctly plant-touching. Places like Morgenstern’s Ice Cream in New York, where he’ll be celebrating the book on November 4th, 5th, and 6th in an event co-presented by WeedFeed. Come say hey and smoke one if you’re in town!

To ring in this milestone for my bud, we thought it was time to give Noah the Cash Only treatment—and man did he come correct. Below, we discuss squirreling homegrown weed from Cantor Bob, some of the more exotic locales where Noah has sparked one up, and why it’s time to finally get Joe Biden high.

Much love and big ups, Noah! See you at the trippy tree.

Courtesy of Chronicle Books

What was your first time smoking weed like? Were you in Sherborn, our hometown?

Noah Rubin: So it’s funny that you ask about Sherborn, because that’s definitely where my first memories of smoking weed are from. As you know, being a Jew in semi-rural Massachusetts is a bit of a rarity, but one of my best friend’s growing up, Ori, and her family were deeply involved in the Jewish community out there. Her father Bob was actually a cantor in the temple a few towns away. For the uninitiated, a cantor is almost on the level of the rabbi; he sings all the prayers in the temple etcetera. So I would go to their house for sabbath dinner on occasion and we would notice that after knocking out the prayers, Cantor Bob would disappear for a bit. He’d come back with bloodshot eyes, smelling kind of funny, and in an extra good mood. As we got older, we started to put one and one together, and realized that Cantor Bob was actually a stoner on the low. 

Once we realized that, we started sniffing around until one day Ori came to school and let us know that she was in her mom’s garden and noticed that there was a plant that looked an awful lot like a weed plant. That, of course, got us plotting how we could get some. We sort of started whispering about that, and I think the parents overheard us. Before we knew it, the plant disappeared from the garden. 

It was a smart defensive move on the adults’ part, but it tipped us off that Cantor Bob had harvested it and stashed it somewhere in the house. It didn’t take Ori too long to figure out where the stash was—and that became the first time we had access to a steady supply of weed. 

And the weed was honestly amazing. Cantor Bob also brewed his own beer at that time, which was always fermenting in the basement and there was more of it than he could drink. Needless to say, my parents were wondering why I was so interested in going over to their house for sabbath dinner all the time. Even though Ori’s mom was an incredible chef, it definitely was Cantor Bob’s beer and bud combo that kept us coming back for more. We’d eat an amazing dinner, then steal our party favors and chill on the couch on the second floor of their garage. I remember those as some sacred evenings on multiple levels.

Photo by Zach Sokol

Your book opens with a great anecdote about scoring nug in mainland China. What are some other foreign locales you’ve lit one up in? Any memorable weed/travel stories that didn’t make it into the book?

Definitely. My parents were actually quite chill when I was a kid, so I didn’t have a lot of rules. So when I asked if I could go on a solo trip to Europe at the age of 15 with a friend of mine who was a couple years older, they said yes without much hesitation. And you’ve got to remember this was before cell phones or anything, so they were basically letting me go to Europe alone for three weeks at the age of 15 with the understanding that they weren’t going to hear from me for that entire time. 

Of course, me and my buddy Geoff who I went with immediately routed the trip through Amsterdam. We got there after a couple days in Germany and the first thing we did was hit up a coffee shop where it was a weed cornucopia like nothing I had ever seen. I remember we bought this really amazing black Nepalese hash and proceeded to roll it up in a spliff and get really blazed. I think we also bought some “space cakes,” which was more than we should have taken all at once. The next thing I remember, I was sitting cross-legged on the floor in the Salvador Dali Museum, looking at a painting from like six inches away. I was so high off my ass that I literally didn’t know where I was. 

Fortunately, after a couple hours, I got my head straight and had something to eat and we started drinking beers in the red light district. I spent the rest of the night chit-chatting with ladies of the night, probably annoying them as a weird 15-year-old kid who had never really experienced anything before.

While working on How We Roll, did you discover anything surprising about your own relationship with weed? For example, did you realize you were better or more knowledgeable about X than you previously thought? Did you find any gaps in your cannabis education or consumption skill sets that you had to bone up on?

Working on How We Roll definitely reminded me of all the amazing people in my life that I have smoked weed with from around the world. I never even thought about that before, but all of these relationships that I’ve had for many years and cherished had some component of smoking weed as a recurring theme. I was really happy that the book pushed me to examine that part of my own personal relationships, as well as just read up on as much material as I could find about rolling and weed history. 

Not only did I brush up my general knowledge, I also had to roll a ton of joints. I forced myself to roll every joint I wrote about in the book until it was really good. That gave me a good basic vocabulary of different things to roll and I am pretty grateful for that in hindsight.

Photo by Zach Sokol

Do you have a favorite quote, tip, or particular illustration from the book? 

I would just say overall that I’m super happy with how the illustrations came out. I’m extremely grateful to my illustrator Tasia Prince for hitting such a home run with the artwork. Tasia and I go back as collaborators to when she was an intern at Mass Appeal and I was editor-in-chief of the mag over there. She would always show me these dope little drawings she was working on and I was always impressed. Now she’s a big-time tech executive, but her art skills are super on point, so collaborating with her on this project was an extension of this relationship that has meant a lot to me over the years. 

In terms of my favorite quote, I think that the story that Tommy Chong told about being in the room with a stinky ass joint alongside John Lennon and Rod Stewart still slaps, even though I’ve heard it several times before. And speaking of quotes, I got to say I’m really appreciative to the Anthony Bourdain estate for letting me clear his iconic quote about wiping your ass and omelettes and the importance of rolling a joint—shout out to my boy Nick Morgenstern for connecting the dots on that one.

If you could get the book into any living person’s hands, who would you want to read it? 

I guess now that President Biden is trying to be down with the weed, I think someone on his team should put him on to my book so he can get a basic grasp of where a lot of this shit comes from and the culture behind it. If anyone out there can make it happen, please holler at me.

Photo by Zach Sokol

Do you have a current favorite weed strain? How do you like to consume it? (Bong, joint, etc.) 

My old friend Luca at Biscotti just hit me with his line of flower, and it’s pretty fire. Even though Biscotti really made a name for themselves with premium hash, they’re definitely coming correct with this new product. I smoked the Sugar Biscuits strain the other night in a big fat joint then crushed some Thai food at Ruen Pair in L.A. I gotta say it was an amazing combo.

Also, just for the record, even though I’m the guy that just wrote a book about joints, I am a big fan of bongs in general, as well. I always keep my handy bong, Mr. Pink, on deck when I need a late night rip. 

Do you have any favorite weed products—any particular papers, grinders, or whatever?

The beautiful thing about being a California resident is that we have a lot of amazing product innovations here… like shit I would never have dreamed of as a young weed smoker. One product I want to shout out in particular is the Pure Beauty “menthol cannabis cigarettes.” Definitely not a product for the purists out there, but an amazing overall experience for someone like myself who wants to have a menthol ciggy on the low once in a while. Definitely scratches that itch like none other. I also want to give a shout-out to Krush grinders cause I think they make a really beautifully-engineered product. And then in the world of edibles, I think Harmony’s Malus infused cider is top notch. Super dry and delicious with a good THC kick.

Photo by Zach Sokol

 Lately, what activity do you like to do after you’ve gotten stoned? 

I’ve been a big fan of smoking weed and doing outdoor activities for a long time. Back in the day, I would roll with a crew of folks all over New York City on our bikes. We would pick destinations 10 or 15 miles from Manhattan and ride out there and smoke a few big blunts and then find something amazing to eat, like L&B Spumoni Gardens. That kind of defined an era for me and we had a lot of great times together. Now that I’m in L.A., if I have the opportunity to smoke a joint and go hiking in Griffith Park or basically anywhere else, I will definitely do that.

Can you recommend something to watch while baked? 

Since you’re a cat guy, I’m guessing you might be up on this video game called Stray—it’s a super chill and interesting video game. Basically Stray imagines a post-apocalyptic world in which you’re a cat adventuring through an abandoned city. The music is amazing and even though there are some hectic moments in the game, it’s a super zen and exploratory experience overall. I highly recommend checking it out.

Photo by Zach Sokol

Currently, what do you like to listen to after smoking?

The Jamaican artist Protoje just dropped his new album called Third Time’s the Charm. It’s a great example of an artist taking classic roots ideas and updating them in an interesting way, while still staying true to a core reggae aesthetic. 

Also gotta give some props to my man Ev Bird who just dropped his debut EP Puff Piece on Royal Mountain Records. He’s a young indie artist with a genius instinct for writing chill tunes. I connected him with Boldy James for a song called “The Ring,” which has been doing well. Definitely check that one out, too.

Can you recommend something to read after smoking besides your own book?

Sex Magazine, duh.

Photo by Zach Sokol

Who’s in your dream blunt rotation? Dead or alive.

I honestly feel so blessed by the amazing people I have had the opportunity to smoke weed with. It’s kind of crazy when I think about it. In terms of people I haven’t smoked with that might be in my dream rotation, I guess I got to go back to politics, cause I think it’s time we get Joe Biden high. And maybe let’s invite Obama, ‘cause I bet he’s got some solid rolling skills. And I’m even down to get some maverick Republicans in the rotation, too. We all gotta start smoking weed together cause this is an amazing country that needs to do more in leading the world to be a better place than it is right now.

You’ve been doing some nuanced promotion for the book release, including events and classes you’re teaching at music festivals, as well as pop-ups at stores that have nothing to do with weed. Can you tell me about this approach to getting the word out and what else is on the horizon?

I like bringing some of the message to people in non-conventional ways—food, music, and art are things that I’ve always closely associated with my love of weed.

On that note, I’m looking forward to the upcoming How We Roll event with Morgenstern‘s Ice Cream in NYC, in collaboration with WeedFeed. It’s going to be a three-day event—November 4th, 5th, and 6th—celebrating rolling culture alongside one of my favorite things besides weed: ice cream. Nick Morgenstern, the brains behind the operation, collaborated with me to develop an incredible variety of sundaes that people will be able to experience. It’s a whole different way to help bring to life some of the regional vibes that I explore in my book.

Photo by Zach Sokol

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #29: Hall of PuffCon Glory

We’re less than halfway through October but boy has it been a banger already, so we’re stacking this one extra fat to catch up on all the action. I feel like I’m constantly saying to myself ‘that was only last week’ after talking about things that seemed to have happened months ago, and I don’t want to let any flame slip through the gaps. Although I’m still going to do our normal collection at the end of the month, there was a TON of heat across Puffcon and Hall of Flowers, and a special edition was warranted, so let’s get into it.

First off, Puffcon was a blast. I really believe this is the best event doing it right now. While I tried to go incognito to this one and trip out off the radar, this event is so packed with homies that I couldn’t walk 5 feet without running into one of the gang. Not to mention all the vendors and entertainers that come out for Puffco’s flagship celebration are incredible, so the whole event feels like the best sort of family reunion. In fact, given how quickly everything is happening right now it feels weird to think that that was only the second one – it could’ve been a ten year reunion. I hear rumblings they’re going to go even bigger for the next one, so if you’ve been sleeping so far please hear me: not all events are made the same, and you will likely be far less stoked on the half-assed happenings around town once you see what’s possible. Once again, shouts to Puffco for making it all happen.

Returning to Santa Rosa, Hall of Flowers was once again the massive brand show-out you’d expect. The ComplexCon for weed, all of the industry’s hypebeasters were on the scene to see the latest and greatest, and the OG’s were on the ground working out of backpacks instead of paying thousands for tables. While attendance did feel a bit lighter this year than usual, I would actually argue that counter-programming won the day for this one. Although none of the officially un-official afterparties were anything to write home about, two private affairs happened at Sazon (which is SO good – if you’re in Santa Rosa it’s a must stop) the first two nights. More on that later, but as always, don’t miss a Doja sesh if you hear it’s happening. That one was LEGENDARY.

As always, let me know what you’re excited about, what I missed, what you’ve got coming, or what just generally sucks on Twitter.

Talking Terps

Courtesy of Talking Terps

I already told you Puffcon was about the homies, and just like last year I’m so stoked on Talking Terps activation on site. Once again bringing the cottage to the masses, this year the gang debuted a special commemorative event shirt (featuring Crawford & his Proxy), towels, some toys & foam fingers. On top of a killer activation, with a new mural by Sunflower Form & his girlfriend, the craziest part to me is how the Terps are always visible before you even enter the event. Most of the line was covered in their various drops and while everyone had a Puffco product, I would definitely say the next most popular brand of the outing was the squad. The boys had a line ALL DAY!

Alien Labs x Kalya’s Puffcon drop

Courtesy of Alien Labs

Another brand I talk about a lot, the Aliens. Of course. But bro – the Kalya collab that dropped at Puffcon is quite possibly the best rosin I’ve ever smoked in my life. Full stop. Of course I was an idiot and forgot to scoop a jar at the event because I was losing my mind, and there were only 100 to begin with, but thankfully my buddy Frank Castillo did and glob’d me out at The Comedy Store. All I can say is despite being insanely high already, that Xeno cut right through. Not only was I elevated to a new level, but that flavor stayed on my tongue through the next three joints. 

Custy Life

Courtesy of Custy Life

This was, without question, the most ridiculous pre-party I have ever been to. Besides the fact that there was probably a half a million in glass scattered throughout the house, and the most premium cannabis products available on the market today, these guys flew our Custy Chef from New York to make the best pizza I’ve had in my life – for eight hours. Even crazier, dude didn’t come in for the day. They brought him in for the week, and he spent at least 3 days prepping for the meal. It was as incredible as it sounds. I have no idea how this came together. I was invited by my guy BK the God who assured me ‘Custy Life’ was not a brand, but a vibe, and that absolutely no business would go down there. Homies like Kapow, Dan’s Roll Ups, Alkemist Organics and even the elusive Bobby Trill showed up. I’ve since learned from Dan that the whole purpose of this thing is really to recruit new White Corn Pizza missionaries – which, mission accomplished: I’ve converted. In all seriousness though, this was probably the most extravagant outing I’ve seen to date.


Courtesy of Jesse the Chef

Yes, Jon likes Zkittles. We know this, tell us something new. Okay, well how about this? Of course the one time I miss Doja’s sesh FieldZ shows up with all his new Z phenos and ya boy wasn’t there to see! Seems my luck lately. Fortunately, my guy Jesse the Chef couldn’t let him leave town without pulling some new fire for the community. Selected by Jesse and affectionately named Z5 (a play on the A5 wagyu he’s become known for), I’ve seen a lot of good Zkittles lately, but this one’s particularly delightful. Given that it’s still a bit early for the premieres of the new phenos, this is your shot to get laced up right now.

Trevy Metal

Courtesy of Trevy Metal

Probably my favorite part of Puffcon is the lot, which brings out so many incredible artists to introduce and sell their wares to the community. While the usual suspects like All My Hats Are Dead, Trove SF, and Elbo were back showing out, I was fortunate enough to meet the new homie Trevy Metal for the first time, and boy was I stoked to see his spread. I picked up this crazy half smiley with a skeleton peeking out pillow that’s way cooler than it sounds now reciting it back. But from his prints to the 1/1 merch items he had on display, it was super dope to see the breadth of this creative’s work in basically the perfect headspace for it.

MycoOakland’s Gear

Courtesy of MycoOakland

And speaking of lot homies, I’ve got to call attention to how my guy MycoOakland has been growing – and not just on the fungi side. The pinky pioneer has already been quietly producing some of the best branded merch in the game – from cut & sew shorts to jackets – but what he’s got coming… Let me just say there are a lot of brands who are trying to do seasonal style offerings to mobilize billboards in the wild, but few have brands that could stand on their own if the traditional biz didn’t exist. Myco’s got that. This is the type of gear that, while definitely mentioning where it came from, could fit in just about anywhere, while still subtly nodding to the culture in each piece.


Courtesy of Champelli

Pelli’s a legend so I doubt this is going to be the first time anyone’s hearing this name (especially if you’ve spent virtually any time in the Bay), but the man’s been popping up all over the scene lately and I want to celebrate how loud the work’s been. The always humble icon is the type to usually preface opening his bag with something like ‘this isn’t even anything that impressive’, and it ALWAYS has something THAT impressive. Not only that, but Joe’s a real artist – he’s thought through every detail of the experience so while the weed’s better than the majority of the market to begin with, he’s also got mylars that would stoke out even the most picky street hustlers. It’s hard to beat the Champ.

Sourwavez RS-11

Courtesy of Sourwavez

Also all over the scene lately has been the infamous meme legend Sourwavez. While I’ll admit I knew about the jokes before the work, one thing is clear: his plants are no laughing matter. Well, maybe that excited giggle if you’re like me, but you get it. Y’all know I’ve smoked a LOT of RS-11 in my day, but Waves’ take on the strain that has propelled several brands into the limelight already is worthy of the call out. Even better, the donuts he’s moving right now are KILLER. Branded a la The Simpsons, Smokin’ Donuts are definitely worth a snag if you come across them – some of the cleanest hash j’s I’ve smoked!

Sacred Fruits Merch Collabs

Courtesy of Sacred Fruits

If it feels like the first half of this is all gang, it is. You’re getting 20 today and I already told you what Puffcon is about, so don’t be surprised. That said, how the Sacred Fruits infiltrated this year’s event is worth writing home about. Debuting collabs with all the legends – from a Trapis Designs dyed Alien Labs collab, to a long sleeve with the Good Trip guys, to the first-ever Sacred Fruits hats created by All My Hats Are Dead, who they also split a booth with, the gang did not let the fact that they’re primarily dealing in the less-than-legal stop them from making a splash at one of the real head’s favorite days. Well played, and thanks for the drugs!

Trich x Astor x LING x the Alchemist’s Pre-Bash

Courtesy of Trich

This one’s laced with counter-programming already, but I can’t forget to mention Puffcon’s OTHER pre-celebration, this time thrown by Trichadelics and Astor Club. Taking place at the 91 Club downtown and featuring a performance by the Alchemist, this one brought out all the legends and was a clear sign that the next day was about to rule. From Squints to the First Smoke of the Day gang, everyone pulled up to catch the set, grab some of Trich’s new press, and score one of the hyper limited oz jars Alchemist x Life is Not Grape released of 11 Grapes. Coming off Custy Life, this was the perfect way to end the day and lean into the celebrations of the weekend.

Surefire Selections New Phenos

Courtesy of Surefire Selections

Another excellent pre-party I had the fortune of attending was Surefire Selections’ new pheno tasting in Santa Rosa the night before HOF began. Now, I would’ve gone to this thing either way as I respect what Surefire’s doing, but homie had it at Sazon – possibly the best restaurant in Santa Rosa (fight me, I’ll stand on it) – so I knew I was in for a treat. Even with all that going for it, as expected, the flower was once again the star of the show. My two choices of the night were Candy Fumez, a cross of Zkittles and Sherbanger (bred by Boston Roots), two consistent fan favorites, and a Cherry Pie x OZK cut (bred by Mendoja Farms) I’m not sure has a name yet. While I’m sure it’ll be a bit before these are available to the general consumers, please keep an eye out. These batches are so standout when I got back to New York my family told me “This is the most impressive stuff you’ve ever brought home.”

Fig Farms

Courtesy of Fig Farms

This is another one y’all certainly know we’re big fans of over here, but considering it was Fig Farms‘ first showing at Hall of Flowers I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my pick of the show, despite the fact that they’re a consistent favorite. You have already heard me explain that the flower these guys produce is truly in a league of its own, but they’ve always got some new special project to show me that floors me. Every. Single. Time. This show’s surprise was Z’clair, a new cross of Zonuts & Cold Heat that tastes even better than it looks. As always, this high’s stoney, especially for casual consumers, but I found a bright and giggly high, despite physically feeling sluggish.

Decibel Gardens

Courtesy of Decibel Gardens

Y’all know I’m always on the hunt for daytime strains, and I’m pleased to report a new name producing some truly impressive work. I had the pleasure of meeting the Decibel Gardens team at this year’s Hall of Flowers and while I say new because they’re new to me, the work shows the expertise is there. With three bright & citrus-y expressions that I’ve been enjoying the past few days (Golden Kiwi, Citric Acid & Cali-O), the brand has set a clear focus on a side of the market often overlooked in favor of the candy gas the market is always asking for. While I’m sure it seems like easy riches catering to what the market is asking for right now, I’m far more interested in those honing in their specific cuts, so I’m excited to watch these guys evolve.

Big Chief’s Fizzlezz

Courtesy of Big Chief

I rarely include edibles in this list anymore because there’s so much flower crushing the game right now, but you know I can’t help myself when I find something truly unique and exciting. Well gang, weed pop rocks are here, and they’re insanely delicious! Released by Big Chief, the Fizzlezz are flavored popping candy you can add to anything or just pound from the pack (guess which I did). And even better, the flavors aren’t just your standard Cherry or Grape – they have frickin Pina Colada, Mocha and even Cola! And that’s what they taste like! What a time to be alive!

Sturt’s Doinks

Courtesy of Sturt’s Doinks

I’ve been hearing good things about Sturt’s for awhile now, and while we’ve been friends online for a minute I just got to try one of his coveted hand rolls recently, and let me tell you, the hype is real. While I’m not going to lie, this thing was a gauntlet to smoke, it was incredibly flavorful and manageable despite the size – 3.5g of flower & a full gram of rosin. The first I smoked was a double down on Sherbanger, and was honestly one of the tastiest joints of my life, bar none.

Real Deal Resin

Courtesy of Real Deal Resin

One thing that seems to have gotten lost from a lot of brands lately, especially in marketing collateral and displays, is a real sense of fun. While sure everyone looks polished lately, and fancy mylars are everywhere, no one else had close to the type of vibe Real Deal Resin was providing at this year’s HOF. Emblazoned with flips of some of the most iconic wrestlers of all time, RDR’s a lot more than just good packaging, but it will definitely draw you in. Once you actually tap into the products though? You’re in for a treat. I was fortunate enough to see their work both pre and post rec, and I’ve got to say, they’re one of few that have got it down on both ends of the spectrum.

Terp Hogz

Courtesy of Terp Hogz

Do y’all realize how lucky you are that I’m providing you with TWO separate Z mentions in the same article? I said earlier this year that Z season was back, but even I couldn’t have expected what the OGs were about to turn out. And I haven’t even seen all the new phenos yet! But I was fortunate enough to run into Jondo a few times throughout the week in Santa Rosa, and he broke me off with one of the Original Z x West Coast Alchemy buckets he had on him. All I can say is that while this flavor is often imitated, simply nothing beats the original. If you can get your hands on one of these super limited jars I would move quick – this is one I’m going to cherish for a while.

Laughing Gas

Courtesy of Laughing Gas

I recently heard Joey CoCo Diaz talking about this brand and how he wanted the devil to be front and center because it’s weed and not health food. I love this mentality, but I’ll be honest, I love the weed even more. This is admittedly not the first time I’ve tried Laughing Gas, but having had the opportunity now to sniff & smoke through their whole portfolio I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the dank here too. While again, this is another one with an attractive eye-catching mylar, this is also one filling their bags with the real deal. The Zashimi was my favorite of the selection (go figure), but the Truffle & Rainbow Runtz were also worth scooping!

It’s All About Choices

Courtesy of It’s All About Choices

As just mentioned above, I’m only sharing edibles that truly excite me now, and these guys are exciting. These guys seem to infuse EVERYTHING. And when I say everything, I mean everything. They’re coming to market with 150 SKUs and include items like medicated ketchup, mashed potatoes, drink mixes, etc. It’s really never ending. Not only that, but the recipes are formulated from scratch by Casey Shea, a pastry chef formerly at Milk Bar, so they’re all actually just as delicious as they are medicated. What a great combination. For those of you that don’t want to taste any plant material, or change your diet or routine whatsoever to Runtz your life up, your ticket is on its way.

Panacea’s YSL

Courtesy of Panacea

These guys aren’t a new name to me, but I’m pretty sure they’ve never graced the list before. This one’s my pick for the most standout nose of the show. While it’s a Runtz cut, which is of course not the most unique, Panacea’s Yves St. LaRuntz is certainly not just more of the same. Although the sample I saw admittedly seemed a bit early, there’s this classic musk to the buds that translates through to the flavor, and it stays with you. Almost like rotten vanilla, you’ll find yourself craving it before long. Not only was the taste there, but the high from this one was surprisingly impactful, staying with me far longer than most of its relatives had in the past.

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #27: Art Trippy

August has been a whirlwind. From Outsidelands in San Francisco to Jimi’s fourth Transbay Challenge taking place in LA for the first time, my travels have taken me from great grow, to great show, seemingly countless times this month. There’s been a LOT of heat to sort through!

While my cup is certainly overflowing with dank at the moment, it felt important to tie this month’s Cop List to one of the biggest labors of love I undertake at this job, September’s Art Issue. You see, this issue is my baby. I spend all year working on it. In fact, I’ve already begun on 2023’s. The issue is all about showing the larger reach of the cannabis community, past the plant navel gazers like us, and I truly believe it’s an excellent showing of the breadth of our community. If you don’t normally read our print magazine, or haven’t picked one up in years, this is the one I’d really like for you to check out. It’s a lot less plant focused than our normal issues, but we work really hard to make sure there’s something for everyone – and it just looks so fuckin cool. This year’s covers were done by NYCHOS and CES, who are both absolute legends in the graffiti game… I still can’t believe how great it looks.

With that in mind, the below are some of the most beautiful, trippy, or just out of the ordinary things I’ve seen in awhile – from excellent cultivation, to excellent branding, to excellent vibes. Most of ‘em hit on more than one front, but I have no doubt you’ll see that for yourselves.

As always let me know if there’s something I missed, or something you’re looking forward to. The search for the good bush never sleeps!

Snowtill Organics

Courtesy of Snowtill Organics

I’ve been drooling over Snowtill’s IG for awhile now, so when I went up to the bay for Grasslands earlier this month I HAD to tap in to see if the finished product matched the promo shots. Let me just say, it’s not easy to impress me lately, and it’s even harder for the real to stack up to the bud porn most post online, so believe me when I tell you, these nugs are even better in person. In fact, calling them nugs almost feels sacrilegious, as if they were any old weeds. These beauties were nothing short of works of art. Grown as organically as possible indoors, Snowtill combines the best of both worlds to output some truly next level products that frankly are as close to perfection as one gets. I got to take a peek at four of his strains, and while each is a standout in its own right, it was his selection, Electric Sugar, that floored me. From the absolutely shimmering buds to a high that lasts hours, this is how cannabis is supposed to be.

Fiya Farmer’s Strain Album

Courtesy of Fiya Farmer

I’m a sucker for good marketing. We all know this by now. I love fancy mylars, good content, and creative launches, but we also all know that when someone’s trying super hard on the promo side, it’s usually because the actual product is lacking. Well friends, I’m pleased to inform you that I might have found the holy grail here. Showcasing the progression of his genetics, Fiya Farmer has released his first ‘Strain Album’, and while the marketing is some of the best I’ve seen, the weed inside is even better. Appropriately designed after a record, as each of these ‘tracks’ are LOUD, the eight piece compilation guides the consumer on the evolution of the farmer’s work. Beginning with C.R.E.A.M. & Zangria, two personal favorites he collabed on with Wizard Trees, and finishing up with Brrberry Gary #12. My personal favorite has to be the Sweet Retreat, which along with Track 7 ‘Midnight Mistress’, are upcoming collabs with Doja Pak. I know these boxes are ultra limited, but if you get your chance don’t miss checking this out – this record’s previewing the biggest hits of next year, for sure.

Doja Pak’s LA Premieres

Courtesy of Doja Pak

Speaking of Doja Pak, I wouldn’t be adequately doing my job if I didn’t let you in on the best underground weekly in LA right now. Though I can’t tell you where exactly it is (you’ll have to follow Doja on Telegram for that), what I can say is that every Thursday feels like the 215 days in Hollywood again. You see, each week the Doja gang assembles to debut the latest from their brand, or that of one of their friends, and the whole thing turns into an exotic potluck, as Ryan called it on IG. Taking place in a private space, probably the most special element of this event is the community it attracts. From cultivation legends like Fieldz and Wizard Trees to world class trappers, this unique gathering actually attracts both sides of the market, and I regularly see rec dispensary owners and brand guys in there trying to take a peek at the new. While I have a ton of good things to say about Doja, probably the most important is that this team stays ten down – there are few others who have as good of an understanding of what’s happening on the streets, as what’s happening in the boardrooms. Doja’s it.

Oakfruitland’s Oak-Cano

Courtesy of Oakfruitland

The featured image for this month’s column (the first ever in which I’m actually in the picture) was taken at Oakfruitland. As you can see in the image, I was floored by the work these guys put in front of me. From their Oak-lato to their Sugar Coded, each pack was more impressive than the last. In fact, even their V-Power, which has graced this list before, was even brighter than the last cut I’d seen, so let me be clear here: these guys have a LOT of winners. That said, my pick of the day was their Oak-Cano, an RS pheno which is truly something else. With a much more peppery nose than the rest, what’s most refreshing to me about the Cano was the fact that it’s nose was truly unique. It’s not just candy, or gas, though you can smell the hints of those terps that the market responds best to, and it’s much less of a downer than I was expecting. While I wouldn’t call it morning smoke, this is definitely the type you can light up in the afternoon to accentuate your workflow, as opposed to crash from it.

Sacred Fruits’ Magic Carpets

Courtesy of Sacred Fruits

I’ve already told you how good these guys mushies are, but they’re not content with just having the best fungus around – they needed to innovate. Their latest creation, the Magic Carpets, are without question the best way to consume psilocybin I’ve experienced. Basically all natural fruit roll ups, the carpets each contain 2 grams of magic fruit – which is more than enough to get a real experience in – but for those more experienced explorers, they come 2 rolls to a tube, so 4 grams in total. Made using simple ingredients and organic fruit, the Magic Carpets were SF’s “response to an overabundance of chocolates and gummies”, and it’s one the entire community will benefit from.

SF Canna / Planta’s Big Boy Prerolls

Courtesy of SF Canna / Planta

Y’all know my preferred consumption method is joints, and how hard it is to match the quality of your own hand roll once you get it down, so when I find a preroll that I actually want to smoke, it’s hard not to shout about it from the rooftops – so why try? The latest of these prerolls I’ve experienced actually come from two brands, SF Canna, and Planta, both of which are currently packing 1.8 gram full flower rolls. While I know they also have donut versions, the full flower ones are the perfect cannagar style experience one looks for when they want to get real high, and feel like a boss in the process. Complete with branded biohemp filters, these are a must cop if you see them at your local.

Your Highness Ecozotics

Courtesy of Your Highness

In the past I’ve told you about Your Highness’ indoor work, and the folklore around strains like Shady Apples & Lemon Meringue. Well friends, I am pleased to tell you that those fan-favorite genetics that were once unattainable to most just got a hell of a lot more affordable. Dubbed their new ‘Ecozotics’ line, the YH gang has brought their acclaimed cuts into the greenhouse to make them more accessible to consumers of every tax bracket. On the shelves at ~$30 an eighth, you can find these guys at the Pottery in LA, or any of the Farmacy locations in California.

Flatbush Zombies x Sackville’s Limited Edition Collab

Courtesy of Sackville & Co.

I don’t know if the Zombies have the same effect on people from everywhere, but as a New Yorker it’s pretty impossible for me to not love these guys. From their swag, to their unique voices, everything about these guys screams not only originality, but that they’re true to themselves – which is arguably the most New York characteristic there is. That’s why when I saw that the Flatbush gang paired with another native Brooklynite, Sackville & Co., to release a custom designed smell-proof stoner travel-kit, I had to tap in. See, this is something they’re undoubtedly all using, and even as a road warrior myself, few are on the go as much as those guys. Complete with three storage containers, a rolling tray, and a custom four-tiered grinder, you certainly don’t have to be a fan to find the function in this kit, but you’ll be hard pressed to get em before their fans do. Dropping next month on Sackville’s website, keep an eye out!

Headfirst Headstash

Courtesy of Headfirst Headstash

If you happen to find yourself in the Pacific Northwest, and you’re looking for a bit more than a head trip, I highly recommend tapping in with Headfirst Headstash. These guys have all the exploratory goodies you could imagine, and then some. While Sacred Fruits presented the first mushroom fruit roll up I’d seen, these guys brought me the first fun dip (produced by @mushthrax) – which, I know, sounds absolutely bonkers, but totally fuckin rules. Now, I won’t lie and say you don’t sorta taste the fungi – shit doesn’t taste like roses, after all – but the sweetness of the powder does a pretty good job offsetting the gross, and out of all the ways I’ve tried consuming these now, this has got to be one of the best. That said, they’ve got far more than fun dip – from chocolate bars to gummies, so tap in when you’ve gotta defeat your ego boss level.

Stuf Cannabis

Courtesy of Stuf Cannabis

I do my best to try and keep my eye out for up & comers, and there’s a new brand down in San Diego that’s caught my attention. Dubbed ‘Stuf’, these guys are bringing to market flower and hemp blunts, both of which are of impressive quality for a rookie. The deal is though, while this is the first real legal play for this squad, their cultivator Jake is anything but a new jack. Having been cultivating in his home since before moving to California many years ago, Jake was dialing in his process long before the ideation of this brand. But if you do stuff well for long enough, eventually opportunity knocks. I’m excited to see how these guys grow.

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New Record Set for 4/20 Sales, According to Data from Akerna

Sales data was released by Akerna on April 26 in a flash report, which shared that the industry collected a total of $154.4 million in combined recreational and medical cannabis sales. Akerna reports that 2021 sales records previously held the record for most cannabis sales on 4/20.

In the weekend following up to 4/20 (April 15-April 20), retail sales varied greatly. The highest sales day, other than 4/20, was Friday, April 15 at $94.3 million, and the lowest was Sunday, April 17 at $38.9 million. The entire weekend netted a total of $485.3 million.

Akerna originally released a prediction report on April 12, projecting that cannabis sales on 4/20 would hit $130 million, and that total weekend sales would rise up to $494 million. The company’s projections were very close to early sales data. “Using our historical Akerna data, we released a prediction report that the period around 420 would bring in a total of $494 million, only –1.79% variance from the actual sales of $485.3 million,” said Akerna Business Intelligence Architect James Ahrendt. “This is a testament to the power of our data analytics. By leveraging data-driven insights, cannabis businesses can make strategic predictions and decisions for their businesses.”

Akerna was formed when MJ Freeway and MTech merged in 2019, but it was initially founded in 2010 in response to the growing need for software to support “visibility, data and analytics, and robust inventory tracking that the cannabis industry requires to be successful.” Akerna’s most recent data is defined as a “flash report” that “looks at buying trends in the cannabis market as captured by Akerna’s flagship solution, MJ Platform,” Akerna shared in a press release.

The success of this year’s cannabis sales is impressive. Akerna mentions that the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division reported that it had the largest year for liquor sales, having surpassed $400 million for the first time, and in that perspective, showcases the strength of the cannabis industry.

More data is soon to come, it remains to be seen if Akerna’s other cannabis-related predictions were also accurate. The company projected that the hierarchy of product popularity, starting at the top with flower (48.11%), followed by cartridge/pens (31.66%), concentrates (11.63%), edibles (6.87%), infused non-edible (0.71%) and non-medicated (1.01%).

By demographic, the company predicted that 59.93% of consumers would be men, with 40.07% women. In age ranges, most consumers would be between 30-40 years old (30.43%), under 30 (28.38%), 40-50 (19.92%), 50-60 (11.49%), and over 60 (9.78%).

This data is echoed across the board with other data analytic companies, such as Headset, which shared that sales in U.S. cannabis dispensaries were up by 148% on 4/20 compared to other days leading up to the holiday. Canada sales grew as well, as the average cannabis stores increasing in sales by 65%. Headset also noted that cannabis-infused beverages rose considerably by 110% in Canada and by 176% in the U.S. as the top performing category. The “second place” product was attributed to edibles in Canada (with 83% sales growth) and concentrates in the U.S. (with 155% sales growth).

Although most states have not released any preliminary sales data, Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency Director Andrew Brisbo shared some information about the success of his state’s 4/20 sales on Twitter on April 21. “Consumers purchased over 2.3 tons of marijuana flower in MI retailers yesterday. Initial data shows overall sales of flower on 4/20 in 2022 were up 242% from the same day in 2021 (which were up 444% vs 2020).” He also followed with an estimation of pounds sold in the last three years in Michigan: 2022 (4,619 pounds), 2021 (1,912 pounds) and 2020 (430 pounds).

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Mayhem Erupts at Melbourne Cannabis Rally as Police Haul Off Patients

The annual 420 Rally & Community Picnic at Flagstaff Gardens in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ended in disaster on April 20, when law enforcement sabotaged the event and hauled peaceful patients off while ignoring the medical cannabis law.

The Australian parliament amended the Narcotics Drug Act in 2016 to allow medical cannabis. In Victoria, doctors and nurse practitioners can prescribe medical cannabis, but certain products need approval from the Commonwealth Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The 420 events there today are a mix of celebration and a call to action. Jason, aka “Ancient Jay” organizes the 420 Rally & Community Picnic each year. Ancient Jay says this didn’t deter police from arresting people smoking peacefully at the rally.

“A pre-planned assault on some of Victoria’s most vulnerable members of the community, the police intimidated and illegally searched just about everyone passing through the park including a cancer patient recovering from recent brain surgery,” Ancient Jay told High Times.

Courtesy of Platform 2 Melbourne

“I was approached by one elderly gentleman who had been strip searched in plain view of everyone despite not having any cannabis or illicit substances, the humiliation he felt was visible in the tear rolling from the corner of his eye.”

Ancient Jay is a drug reform advocate, host of Ancient Jay’s Argo Nights, and has used cannabis for medical purposes for over 30 years.

British tabloid Daily Mail profiled one particular incident in which several officers dragged a man and ignored his pleas that he held a prescription for medical cannabis. The man was handcuffed and dragged away. He also said he obtained his cannabis legally from a pharmacy. The man told reporters that he assumed he’d have a good time for what was his first time at the event with legal medical cannabis.

A Victoria Police spokesman said police were on-site at Flagstaff Gardens on Wednesday for the protest, and that the man was released later—but after first being arrested, handcuffed, and hauled away. It’s not the kind of freedom advocates envisioned with legalized medical cannabis in the state.

A blogger from Platform 2 Melbourne was at the rally, and decided to record and post it on YouTube, considering the nature of the event, despite a DJ playing music in the background.

Police aggression can be plainly seen on the video, and commenters called the police “uniformed thugs,” “cowards,” and other names.

Part of the problem is accessibility for medical patients. “Despite the legality and availability of prescription cannabis the present laws create a situation that allows patients rights to be ignored,” Ancient Jay said.

The actions of police signal that they are not observing the state’s recently implemented medical cannabis law.

“The aggressive approach by police towards the 420 Rally indicates a total lack of understanding or empathy towards these vulnerable members of the community and an intimidation focused approach towards law reform campaigners.”

Psychedelic artist TROG is based in Victoria, and has many connections with the cannabis community there. He was also impacted by the course of events at the rally.

“It’s 2022, every human knows cannabis isn’t harmful, incidents like this shouldn’t happen, it’s incorrect,” TROG told High Times.

Around half of Australians say that cannabis should be legalized. According to a survey in 2019, 41.1% of Australians believe cannabis should be legalized in the country—a significant jump in approval ratings compared to 2013 when they were asked the same question. In an online survey, conducted by polling company Essential Research between March 30 and April 2 of 2022, 50% of respondents said that they were in favor of full cannabis reform.

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Finding 420

It’s around 10:30 a.m. on an otherwise average Wednesday in San Rafael, California. I’ve arrived at San Rafael High School to see the Louis Pasteur statue where a group of high school friends in the early ’70s smoked weed. I wander tentatively on the high school campus among the students with backpacks rushing to class. I don’t exactly blend in, and a teacher spots me. 

“Can I help you? You look lost,” he says.

I try to explain myself in a way that doesn’t reveal my allegiances to the leaf.

“I’m here to see the art, the statue of Louis Pasteur,” I say.

“Oh, you’re on a 420 pilgrimage,” he says smiling and points to the area of the school where the art should be. “We put the statue in storage while we complete the construction.”

When I express sadness and lower my shoulders in disappointment, he smiles again and tells me, “don’t worry, it will be back.”

“Happy 420!” I say joyfully and head out to my next destination.

420 Eve & The Temple Dragons

The first time I went to Terrapin Crossroads, the now-shuttered bar and music venue in San Rafael founded by former Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh, I walked confidently straight backstage and discovered large jars filled with cannabis. The 2016 event was a 420 Eve party hosted by longtime High Times Editor-in-Chief Steve Hager who had labeled each jar of bud with a different character from Arthurian legend. I smoked them all, Guinevere, the Green Knight, King Arthur, and had an absolute blast. At one point, Steve announced the music would start and, as it turned out, he was also the performer with his act, the Temple Dragons, an homage to something from his past. As Cannabis Digest explains, the Temple Dragons were Steve’s name for hippie security. They were there to keep the peace at large gatherings like 420 celebrations. The dragons were initially summoned at the first award ceremony for the Cannabis Cup in 1987. 

“For Steve Hager, cannabis cults stand at the center of many major religions, the herb recognized at one time as the greatest medicine and healer,” the Cannabis Digest article reads. “The task today is to restore it to its rightful place. In the meantime, its supporters must protect their quest. The Temple Dragons’ unique fusion of improvisation and faith have taken on this responsibility. Their performance is magical. They pull troubled souls out of whatever funk they’ve fallen into and settle them into new psychic spaces, better ones. They produce new meanings.”

The party was amazing. I picked up a signed copy of Steve’s book about the assassination of JFK (I’m sorry, Steve, I still haven’t read it) and puffed tough with cultivation expert and High Times legend Ed Rosenthal and his wife and publishing partner, my good friend Jane Klein. 

Star of Bethlehem, the anticipation for the next day’s festivities was shining through the night. We had so much to celebrate about our mutual love for a plant that 420 was not enough. We needed another day. 

I was in 420’s ancestral homeland with the whole crew. The group of high schoolers who started the 420 phenomena, the Waldos (a name given because they liked to congregate along the wall), were there. And Steve, the person responsible for spreading the gospel of 420 through the pages of this very magazine, was also there. 

I won’t ever forget the conversation I had with one of the Waldos outside of the bar (but I will forget which Waldo, I’m sorry! I remember your face.). He told me that they would be attending the massive smoke out celebration in San Francisco on Hippie Hill the next day to clean all the trash left behind. 420 and all it has become was his legacy, and he just wanted to make sure it was right for the world.

At the close of the evening, the 420 Limo broke down and my good friend and fellow cannabis writer Jimi Devine helped with a jump.

Jimi Devine’s 420 Eve

Cut to 420 in 2022. I’m back at the Meadow headquarters in San Francisco for the first time in years (at least two years of that includes a global health pandemic that added fun new vernacular like shelter-in-place to our daily lives and made cannabis essential). Jimi’s hosting a party with the San Francisco Chronicle’s GreenState, a publication we both used to write for under the leadership of our friend David Downs, who also can’t miss a good 420 Eve party and is there to celebrate.

David Downs, Jimi Devine, and Ellen Holland, Courtesy of Jimi Devine

It feels a bit like coming home. I had a book launch party at Meadow. At Meadow, I took a multi-hour hash-making workshop with departed hash master Frenchy Cannoli. I gathered with the Bay Area cannabis community and cried together at Meadow when our friend cannabis activist Alex Zavell tragically passed away in 2017. It’s a special cannabis gathering space and I’m seeing faces I haven’t seen in a very long time. 

Joseph Snow and Ellen Holland, Courtesy of @goldneil415

The jars of the world’s best pot are coming out! Cracking open jars and smelling different kinds of flower is just about one of the most fun things I can think of, so this is my type of party. While the night does have sponsors (shoutout to Neil Dellacava and Chronic Culture for bringing in the Butcher Shop to serve wagyu sliders!), it’s not a formal industry affair.

Joseph Snow, the cultivator behind Snow Till Organics, spots me and pulls me aside to sample his herb, which is exceptional. Beyond the fact that Joseph seems to pop up at almost every event to smoke us all out fat, it’s indoor herb grown organically in living soil. Living soil means that the dirt is teeming with different microbes that break down organic matter, like decomposing mulch, providing the plant nutrition. Living soil, think earthworms and building soil in a grow style called no-till, is something I’ve only ever seen in outdoor grows. Joseph applies the outdoor rules inside and uses techniques like growing different cover crops inside the cannabis pots. I smoke the Sundae Driver he cultivated before moving on to my next course of the night, La Paleta from Cam. A Seed Junky Genetics Ice Cream Cake and Sherbert cross, this purple-hued herb tastes delectable and has a great name. Cam’s owner Anna Cozy tells me the name is scoop in Italian. She’s set to be on a plane in a few hours and will be celebrating 420 in Queens, New York. It’s sure to be a momentous occasion as it’s the first 420 in New York with legal weed.

Spirits are well, high, and a lot of people are planning to check out the party at Hippie Hill the next day, which will definitely be a massive scene. I’m opting for an alternate adventure. Before leaving, I connect with the folks at Sense who won the recent Transbay Challenge 3  with their version of Compound Genetics’ Pink Certz. This is exceptional cannabis, mints and grapey fuel from a Menthol x Grape Gasoline cross. It’s just what I need to get me through my 420 safari the next day.

Pink Certz grown by Sense, Courtesy of Sense

Getting Higher at Mt. Tam

The legend of 420 begins at the Louis Pasteur statue in San Rafael.

The boys used to say “4:20 Louie” as code to meet at the Benny Bufano sculpture at 4:20 p.m. As the Waldos explain it:

“In the fall of ’71, Waldo Steve was given a treasure map to a patch of weed on the Point Reyes Peninsula. The map was given to him by a friend whose brother was in the U.S. Coast Guard and was growing cannabis. The coastguardsman was paranoid he would get busted, so he granted permission to harvest. 

“The Waldos all agreed to meet at 4:20 p.m. at the statue of chemist Louis Pasteur on the campus of San Rafael High. They met, got high, and drove out to search for the patch.”

Safaris on the Holy Right Eye

North of the Golden Gate Bridge, Mt Tamalpais rises majestically from the heart of Marin County. Known locally as Mt. Tam, the mountain rises to a 2,571-foot peak. The mountain slopes reveal sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and its deep canyons host fern-filled redwood groves.The landscape around Mt. Tam can take you to another spiritual plane and cannabis can help enhance that journey. 

“Many tribes have a legend that we all live on the back of a Great Turtle which forms the North American Continent,” the Sausalito Historical Society reports. “The tail of the Great Turtle is Florida. The mouth is the San Francisco Bay. The ‘holy’ right eye is Mt. Tamalpais. The left eye is Mount Diablo in the East Bay. For this reason, great leaders of the Lakota were dragged on pole litters across the country and buried in Mt. Tam’s foothills. This tradition is part of the reason there are so many burial mounds in Marin.”

Steve Hager likens it to Mt. Fuji and told me over a phone call (that also included a discussion on another place evoking gatherings, New Orleans’ Congo Square) that Mt. Tamalpais was a mythical and spiritual place. In 1989, the Dali Lama, who had just won a Nobel Peace Prize days before, held a ceremony on the mountain’s peak. 

The Waldos crawled across the mountain on adventures they called safaris.

“Every safari started with a sacramental hit of cannabis, followed by the cranking of the tunes, either in the 1966 4-door Chevy Impala with the killer Craig 8-track stereo system, in Steve’s room, or in one of a few other sacred spots they shared herb, as getting high was illegal and couldn’t be done in public or around parents,” Hager writes.

The Magic of Numerology

The Waldos began sponsoring big pot parties on April 20th, where a ceremonial toke would be taken at 4:20 p.m.

“But as soon as the Waldos retired from staging 420 ceremonies, the younger classmen of San Rafael picked up on the magic of numerology and began using the code as a way to evade detection,” Hager writes. “To honor the spirit of cannabis, some of them started a ritual of congregating on a ridge of Mount Tamalpais with a sunset view of the Pacific on April 20th in order to get high at exactly 4:20 p.m. This ritual started with only a few souls, but soon grew to dozens.

“And that’s when someone got the idea of making a flyer inviting stoners from all over the Bay Area to the ceremony. Nobody outside Marin even knew that 420 signified pot. But even those gathered at the top of Mt. Tam didn’t have any idea how the code had started. They thought it had something to do with the police.”

Courtesy of @gmiwhpodcast

My idea for 420 2022 was to follow one of those flyers, which provided instructions on exactly where and how to toke up for the high holiday.

“We are going to meet at 4:20 on 4/20 for 420 in Marin County at the Bolinas Ridge sunset spot on Mt. Tamalpais. Just go to downtown Mill Valley, find a long-haired stoner and ask where Bolinas Ridge is. If you can’t get to Marin, get together with your friends and smoke pot hardcore,” the flyer reads. 

I told my friend, fellow cannabis writer Rachelle Gordon, to meet me at the Pantoll Campground for an adventure. Rachelle came equipped with Puffco’s newest offering released that day, a secret smoking device that looks like a coffee cup. I carried my bong in a padded bag and my jar of Pink Certz. Rachelle filled her sneak-a-toke mug with the crisp water falling down a waterfall along the trail. When we reached Bolinas Ridge, we smoked pot hardcore and talked about life as we stared out to the vast blue of the Pacific Ocean. From our vantage point we could see San Francisco in the distance and we waved at our friends down below smoking on Hippie Hill. I wished a few people along the trail, “Happy 420!” 

Courtesy of Rachelle Gordon

On the mountainside, I pretend the fog that often rolls over is cannabis smoke and the trees are giant nugs. When 420 p.m. arrives, we make sure to follow the flyer’s helpful hints section:

“When you 420 with a group make sure that there is enough paraphernalia so everyone is included within that minute. Take extra care that nothing is going to go wrong in that minute. No heavy winds, no cops, no messed up lighters.”

Our ceremonial 420 toke together on Mt. Tam was magical, just like marijuana experiences should be. As expressed by the cultural movement that is 420, this plant has so much power to bring us together. 

When I part ways with Rachelle, I drive down the hillside to a small park with an incredible view, turn on the radio and have a smoke as the rain falls over the forest. I’ve spent years in drought in Oakland, California and hanging out in the rain alone in this coastal forest feels just fine. After the jazzy melodies of Sweet Marijuana Brown, a Bob Marley song comes on, “got to have kaya now, for the rain is falling.” A few minutes later, I see a rainbow.

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7 Stoner Songs for 420

Whether you couldn’t make it to the 4/20 festivities this year or just want to keep the vibes going a little longer, these 7 stoner songs for 420 are just what you need. Pick your favourite cannabis product and relax while you listen to music. You can also enjoy many of these songs while watching […]

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The Top Three 420 Deals  

420 is always one of our favorite days of the year – fun activities, get-togethers with friends, and perhaps best of all, killer deals on all the most popular products. `If you happened to have missed our weekly newsletter, then fear not because you can check out our top three deals of the holiday. Scroll down to access the deals, also to learn a bit more about the origins of this infamous stoner holiday.

Learn more about this infamous stoner holiday, as well as some of our favorite products and activities to celebrate the day with. As always, the best 420 deals are reserved for the subscribers of The THC Weekly newsletter, so make sure to SUBSCRIBE today.

What is 420?

While not officially a holiday, 420 has become one of the most universally celebrated days – in the sense that it is not specific to any region, ethnic group, gender, or religion/spirituality. Anyone who uses, or even just appreciates cannabis, is welcome to join in the festivities! It’s one of the most inclusive ‘holidays’ that exists. The purpose of 420 is pretty cut and dry: to commemorate weed in all its natural, healing, and stoney glory. Its origins, however, remain a bit hazier. There are so many different 420 stories out there and if you’ve been smoking weed for a while you’ve likely heard quite a few… 

Some say it’s the number of active chemicals in pot (this is somewhat factual, as there are roughly 400 compounds in the cannabis plant, but the term ‘420’ predates this information). Others believe it’s a code to denote cannabis possession by law enforcement (completely inaccurate, no such code exists). A handful of people think it has to with an older California senate bill called SB 420 (this does exist, but again, 420 came before the bill). And many others believe it has to do with one or more celebrities, typically named are Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, and Bob Dylan (also incorrect).  

The real story of how 420 came to be is a little more mundane, but actually pretty cool when you consider that it all started as an inside joke between friends from San Rafael, CA, who would meet after school at 4:20pm to smoke weed and hang out. Trends spread around high schools all the time, but how did the term 420 skyrocket to an internationally known phrase? That took some star power, for which we have the Grateful Dead to thank.

The group of teens had close ties to the Dead, and at a concert during Christmas weekend 1990, then High Times reporter Steve Bloom was handed a flyer that read, “We are going to meet at 4:20 on 4/20 for 420-ing in Marin County at the Bolinas Ridge sunset spot on Mt. Tamalpais.” Once High Times printed a story about the event, accompanied by a photo of the flyer, it was game over and 420 spread like wildfire.


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European Cannabis Reform as of 4/20/2022

European 420 this year is an interesting time on the cannabis front. While there is much to celebrate because reform here is on the march, it is also clear that there is still a long road ahead, almost everywhere, before full and final cannabis reform is the law of any land, much less region. Even on the medical front, patients are still struggling to get access, even in Germany. In other places, the situation is much worse. However, there are some bright spots—and it is clear that legalization is now in process, no matter how slowly.

Here is a brief overview of where the most influential countries stand on the issue—and the challenges yet ahead.


The non-EU country in the middle of Europe is absolutely leading the pack on implementing a federal recreational cannabis trial. Recreational users will be allowed to purchase high THC cannabis at pharmacies. The first orders are now being dispatched to apothekes all over the country. While the trial will be conducted on a canton-by-canton basis (the Swiss equivalent of states), its impact will be felt across Europe. It is very likely that Germany will adopt a plan that is similar to the Swiss. There will also be some form of the “cannabis club” that will take root here. Definitely the leader of the European pack.


The country will certainly be in a position to drive recreational reform when the new government gets around to it (as it has promised to do). However, on the ground right now, as the Traffic Light Coalition downplays the urgency of at least formal decriminalization, things are still pretty dire. Over 200 businesses in the hemp business are facing criminal prosecution. There are also close to 200,000 criminal cases pending against individuals. There is a reason that the Hanf Parade in Berlin is being organized this year, not to mention similar protests across the country. Perhaps there will be something to celebrate on this front as of April next year. 


The country is now in the process of creating a national system for the cultivation and distribution of cannabis, although on the slow track (it has been repeatedly delayed and is expected to take effect in 2023). In the meantime, the mayor of Amsterdam is still pushing ahead with her unpopular plan to close down as many as two-thirds of the city’s coffeeshops and ban cannatourists from the remaining ones.


The country has formalized its CBD market recently, and this is a big step in a world where people can still get busted for even CBD flower. However, medical reform is still a far-off dream, as is recreational reform. There is another national medical trial now in the offing for chronic pain, but again, this will be highly limited.


Despite a pending promise to create a recreational market by the beginning of 2023, plans have largely stalled here, in part thanks to COVID as well as the continuing anti-cannabis voices at a regional level. This is not to say that some kind of cannabis market will not be in the offing next year, but don’t hold your breath that this is going to be particularly impactful on the overall debate. 


Portugal currently is one of the largest feeder markets for German medical cannabis—either grown domestically or as a passthrough product. Beyond this, the country’s last government promised recreational cannabis reform, but such promises have been decidedly muted since the new government took power earlier this year.


The country’s political leaders are angling to obtain as much foreign investment as possible, and of course, the cannabis industry represents all sorts of possibilities. As of this month, the Greek government finally announced that Greek patients can obtain cannabis from local pharmacies and tourists will be allowed to purchase it from such establishments as long as they have a doctor’s prescription. The country is absolutely on track to create a strong medical cannabis tourist sector—especially as this represents another form of foreign income.


The country beat Luxembourg to the punch on announcing that it had indeed legalized the first recreational market in Europe. However, Malta is an island, far away from mainland Europe, and while this is a great first step, there are clearly other countries who will move the needle a bit more. Users are allowed to carry up to seven grams and store up to 50 grams at home. People can also grow at home and will eventually be able to organize nonprofits to distribute the plant via cannabis associations.


The country is in an interesting place right now. Cannabis clubs are more or less tolerated, but there still has been no federal reform. Things are clearly sticky here still on all fronts, however, as the local police have just proved. They moved in on a farmer drying over $100 million in hemp flowers bound for other European countries and destroyed the crop, citing Spanish law on the extraction of CBD. 


In Italy, the situation is in an interesting place. Small amounts of cannabis are essentially decriminalized. Recent court cases have established the legality of cultivating for personal use when patients are severely ill. Beyond this, cannabis for medical use is legal although patients are running into the same issues as Germans when it comes to insurance reimbursement, which is one of the reasons that there is still a large push for reform. The cultivation of hemp with under 0.2% THC is also legal. The legalization effort was set back recently, however, when the high court overturned the right of its citizens to hold a national referendum on full legalization.


The country is currently in the middle of a four-year medical trial, begun in 2018 and ending this year. Cannabis exports are also beginning to show up in other European countries for medical use. There has been a discussion about allowing a recreational trial, but nothing is crystallized yet.


It is highly unlikely that the next four years will see any major movement on the recreational front legislatively, even if the current president, Emmanuel Macron wins a second term in office. The country is in the second year of a highly limited medical trial. The best that can happen here is that the medical program will be expanded. If Macron’s challenger, Marine Le Pen, wins the election, expect France to be on one of the slowest boats forward, as she has suggested reigniting the Drug War. That said, as Europe’s largest hemp producer and the place where the KanaVape case was launched and won (allowing cross border CBD sales), it could be that reform here comes on the CBD front first, and further, via legal challenge.

Et cetera

There are several other European countries who are advancing albeit slowly. Poland’s highest court just overruled the main public health agency, the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, in allowing hemp flowers as food. The Czech Republic continues to power forward on both the CBD and medical cannabis front. North Macedonia, although not in the EU, continues to try to enter the European market, even exporting cannabis oil through other Eastern European countries, starting with Poland. 

Austria is also in an interesting place right now, although not much has moved in the last several years. Possession has been decriminalized and the sale of seeds and plants is legal. However, the country seems to be in a holding pattern before taking the next steps. It is highly likely however that it will follow Switzerland and Germany’s lead as it shares a trading alliance with them. 

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