Valeria Rossi


My Story

My full name is Valeria Rossi, I was born and raised in Genoa in Italy. I have been drawing since I was a child but, I began to consider the idea of working in the artistic field only after having failed miserably in scientific studies. My dream was biology!   I therefore started (in late) the artistic high school, and, after that, the academy of fine arts with address scenography; but in my works I’m completely self-taught considering my passion for digital art.

I work especially in Photoshop and Illustrator; generally, for convenience, I develop the line art in vector, to then bring the drawing in photoshop for coloring it, even if my favorite technique is the pure vector.

I’m a freelancer, but I have worked with publishing houses to create board games and comics. I would like to publish an artbook and a series of tarot cards as soon as possible but, momentarily I find myself in a demotivating artistic block. Last year my mom got cancer and died in just over 2 months, practically 10 years after my father’s death. The artistic part that is in me suffered and my inspiration has been arrested.

My favorite subjects are esoteric ones, I consider myself a modern witch, I especially illustrate women, because they fascinate me more than male bodies.