Lisa Lennon


About the Artist

I grew up in the Isle of Man which is rich with nature and folklore. This influenced me growing up and has remained with me to this day.  My work has a traditional feel to it but the nature of it is informed by an unconventional life exploring its strangeness and mystery. I endeavour to express that mystery through paint to capture that sublime and ineffable quality.

I often include humans, animals and plants together. Their relationship conveys a sense of connection to the delicate nature of life in the hope it gives something beautiful and intangible to the viewer. My work leans towards a moment in time that is left open for the viewers imagination to interpret and yet is inexplicability symbolic in nature.

I studied art at Camberwell School of Art back in the late 80’s. At that time my medium was sculpture. Now I have settled on painting as I love the complexity of painting and the challenges it brings.

My medium of choice is usually watercolor. It has a delicate luminous quality that lends itself to the type of themes that interest me. Watercolour is unforgiving and unpredictable and its fluid nature makes it hard to control giving the painting experience an essence of the untamed.

As well as painting, I make digital animations and have written two books exploring the nature of reality. I now live up in the mountains of southern Spain where I have time and space to work. I sell my work primarily through online galleries and local galleries as well as taking commissions.