Pamela Jacobsen



Pamela Jacobsen is a power house cancer survivor, as well as an active advocate and activist for patients rights to heal naturally. She was forced to leave her home state to have safe access to the life saving meds she needed.

She represents The Hope Grows Foundation, a 420 non-profit in the state of Colorado. Through this foundation …she is able to help others. She is a member of AMR, aka American Medical Refugees of Colorado. Members of this group are all patients; parents and children, who have come from all over the world to have legal and safe access.

During my move to Colorado… I was detained in Kansas for possessing my meds and charged with four felonies. Her eight month battle with them was exhausting… Resulting in them reducing charges to misdemeanors… ending the 15 years she was facing.

She recently completed her 104th surgery and with the help of cannabis…is now cancer free and feeling better than ever. Her mission now is to live life to the fullest and help and educate others on the benefits of this wonderful plant. She has learned to make the life saving meds that gave her quality of life back to her. Now she gets to pay it forward…. All deserve equal and safe access. No one should be incarcerated for treating themselves.

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Pamela Jacobsen