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Mohan was born in Bangalore, India in 1945. “In India we did everything with our hands. I learned how to paint at a young age since we made our own toys.” He has lived in London,UK, Vienna, Austria, and since 1989, La Jolla, California. Mohan draws the inspiration for his art from several sources, including his dachshund “Dizzie,” who he walks daily around town. “Dizzie is my philosopher,” said Mohan. “He believes he is part of everything and everything is a part of him. Dizzie inspires me to realize my oneness. My father’s words are also important to me. He taught me that at some point you have to teach yourself. You have to grow and evolve on your own.”

Music also inspires Mohan. He listens to many different artists whiles he paints: Jimi Hendrix, Kris Kristopherson, and Willie Nelson, to name a few. He is influenced by painters William Turner and Zao Wo-Ki.

How Mohan Started Doing Cannabis Art
by Steve Medoff (manager)

California artist Mohan Sundaresan paints and weaves his paintings together using a technique that he developed with a lot of love. He does not do what he does for the money. In December 2017, right before the holidays he was facing some financial issues and was on the verge of becoming homeless. Over the previous 10 years he had accumulated almost 200 paintings, sculptures, and etchings on wood, paper, aluminum, and canvas. Not knowing what he was going to do or where he was going to live, he gave away all of his art.

Mohan was 72 years old and had been earning money doing odd jobs and maintenance work for a property management company. His bills were piling up and he was behind on his rent. He slept in a cold garage during the Christmas and New Years holidays.

In January of 2018, Mohan’s life changed. He received a long awaited pension, paid off his debts and moved back into the house. He now had a monthly income to pay his rent, buy art supplies and feed his dog Dizzy, his number one priority.

With his financial pressure off, Mohan decided that he was no longer going to paint for the sake of painting. He wanted a purpose, maybe do commission work. He called me up in early January and asked if I could get him some commission jobs. I have known him since 2011 and felt that his creative potential was unlimited. He is a cannabis advocate and smokes to ease his chronic back pain and open his mind. So I sent him a deposit to do a cannabis leaf painting. Mohan has done over 20 woven abstract, cannabis leaf, woven paintings on hemp canvas. He is now grinding cannabis leafs on aluminum. He donated an aluminum piece to The Last Prisoner Project for their fundraiser in Austin, Texas, September 19, 2019.

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Mohan Sund
Mohan Sund