Lelehnia Du Bois



After growing up in the cannabis culture I didn’t start growing my own medicine until 2005. I became a provider for a local dispensary and immediately began to experience the many drawbacks of an unregulated industry motivating me to advocate for local regulations. In 2014 I was elected the first Board Chair and President for California Cannabis Voice Humboldt. I played a key role in bringing local cannabis farmers, business owners, and politicians to the same table while establishing local cannabis regulations. At the same time, I co-founded the CCVH-Women’s Alliance, bringing the first 65 women cultivators together speaking openly on their way of life.

In 2015, Humboldt Grace was created. Here I offer my lifetime of cannabis experience to develop diverse cannabis projects. I have developed an 8-permit project in Humboldt County, in the middle of developing cosmeceutical skincare. I am also the Publisher for Emerald Triangle edition Sensi Magazine, an advisor for The Florence Belsky Foundation, and an advisor for Hey Mary an artificial intelligence cannabis dosing and dispensing project.

I continue to help my community transition by educating on the culture behind cannabis, empowering women to find their own voices through business, and as the Chair of the Human Trafficking Committee of the Humboldt County Human Rights Commission. I admin a Facebook group of over 500 women internationally called Women Empowered in Cannabis: Supply Chain, as well host a FB live show every Sunday called “Business Our Way”, where I interview the leading women in cannabis and discuss how they have navigated the industry to success.

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Humboldt Grace