Jason Lauve (Mister Hemp)



I make mistakes and envelope the experience into asking questions, which promotes research and investigation. My curiosity leads to more research and then my conversations are full of passion about what I am saying. My value is that I am not a very agreeable person, as I appreciate people who question an approach, before it becomes a problem.

I believe that in any job, my responsibility is to be independent and capable of solving problems. This is a benefit to the person who trusts me in the position I am in to make the appropriate decisions. My ability to outline exactly what I am going to do, and do it, takes this responsibility to the maximum. I have had and will always believe that having mentors is critical to my professional and personal growth.

I started out as a New York City kid who got to experience more than just the concrete jungle at Manhattan Country School, where the children lived on a farm in upstate NY. Milking cows, dying wool and interacting with nature and animals in an “Environmentally Complimentary” environment has been the foundation of everything i have done. My background in architecture, urban planning computer programming and design; I am an active leader facilitating new ways of relating with the environment, our rights, creating community, and an overall vision of cooperation and connection to each other and the planet. This and more has me excited to continue my work with industrial hemp.

For more information about me please visit my website http://www.lauve.com/ or go to any of the social links below, including my SDZ page.

Jason Lauve
Mister Hemp